The worst weeks of my life

I just went loco and spinner out of control because I went down in Seroquel from 600 down to 300 in a period of 3 months. I stated to get delusions and hallucinations it realy made me go bananas. Now I’m back on 550 Seroquel and starting to regain control of my actions. I’ll never ever do that again ever. Now I’m settled on my meds and I’ll never ever change dose again. I don’t know but I believe I made a fool of myself in my home town. I don’t do drugs nor alcohol.


Seroquel at a low dose (200) made me go bananas also.

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I’m glad you have a good attitude about it. You realize it’s a bad idea to lower your meds, and you are acting on it by deciding to never do that again without a psychiatrist telling you to. Good job!

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I berly survived without the ward I’m sure that if hadn’t realized that it couldn’t continue that way I would have died.


I’m sorry it got so bad