The worst part

I’ve suffered so much, but my life is at its best right now because I have the most stability that I’ve ever had…
But my son is in the beginnings of his journey and just really discovering how much sz robs and destroys. I’m so proud of him and how he copes, but he’s going through some of the same losses/realizations that I experienced and it breaks my heart to pieces.
Sz is horrible. It’s a horrible thief.


Sorry to hear this has happened. I suppose you can take from this is that you’re stable whilst he’s going through this, and there to support. I think you can be a very supportive person for your son - having been through what you have.

Sending best wishes and hope things work out.


Thank you, @Joker. I encourage him because what else can we do? We can’t give up. It’s still worth being here and doing what we can. But he’s brilliant and should be a scientist, a writer… but it’s 10,000 times harder for him because his own mind gets in the way. Stealing opportunities, focus, confidence and abilities. Just like it did to me…
But, I do encourage him through it. Behind the closed door, I just cry…

Are you still in touch with services at the moment? It may be worth speaking to someone face to face so you can get support to ring fence your stability as well. Even if it’s over a helpline - get some reassurances when you’re feeling low as it’s important.

I understand from this comment how upsetting this must be. My mother is my main connection to the outside world, and I have her to thank for being there all through this, so I can relate to your situation. Things can get better as you know with the right meds, it’s just going to be a long journey.

I hope you can do this for your son - he will appreciate it when he comes round.

I am sure that I speak for the whole forum that please post on your progress with your son so we know you’re both ok?

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