The world is one consciousness. Wth does that mean?

It sounds very interesting but I can’t grasp it.

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You know if you zoom out you could argue that Planet Earth is one big organism and we’re just little cells that handle the microscopic stuff. The weird thing there however is that Planet Earth doesn’t have a consciousness, whereas we do.

I think consciousness is very separate. As in, I don’t think the world is one consciousness at all. People are just more connected because of the internet. For the world to have a shared consciousness that would have to be reflected in something sentient… like if the internet gained sentience all of the sudden, then you could argue that a worldly consciousness existed.

Really we’re just a bunch of separate conscious people I think.

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Imagine that, as it is a human is made up of individual cells. Millions of them! Each cell is a single organism, yet we don’t know each one. These cells live individual lives and are part of us, the human individual.

Each cell is unaware of the other, and like humans are unaware of other’s consciousness yet the cells make a whole human.

Take a human, unaware of another to an extent and like the cells in a body is part of a whole; take it a step further the humans are cells making up a whole. A whole consciousness, all connected and interwoven making up the human universe.

Each atom connects to another, whether human or not by touch creating a whole heaving, surging and swaying mass of universal consciousness. A butterfly flaps its wings in China and a hurricane takes place in the Carribean.

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This is interesting. It’s some physics thing where particles seem to be connected but not via space seemingly.

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I think simply that’s it’s stating the planet and all things in it and around it, i.e space is basically a live and aware, gravity, time, space, particle density and all living life forms from plants to us are part of that Know-sphere. ( mother nature)

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