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Pasted a bit of my last post. Question at the end.

*** Saw my pdoc today and he is going to refer me for TMS and is hoping they take me for this, and if they won’t take me he is referring me for ECT. He said because I want to do things but I am held back and stuck especially Ithe early day so it’s like I get catatonic, and because I am trying hard but it has been years and no progress in this area of doing more. He explained why it’s like I get catatonic. But I can do things later day and evening, or when forced because my family needs me. ***

So question::: I googled ‘catatonic’ and it is severe and yes it’s treated by ECT but people don’t move or speak when catatonic on Google searches.
I just feel stuck, completely. Every morning until afternoon and then not quite as much in late afternoon evening but bad, but sometimes really bad. It is crippling - but - I can speak and use the washroom etc. I just sit half the day and feel like I can’t do anything. I cook dinner, take care of our children and help with laundry as examples. But for example The other day I had an episode where I sat still for at least an hour and a half and felt stuck in a position on the couch. I posted about it. I felt so stuck… worse than no motivation. Then went and laid in bed. Stuck. But I could communicate well and type etc.

Can catatonic look like that? I don’t have Sz I have bp1 etc. I looked online and theres nothing like that, no one functioning somewhat with being catatonic. Catatonic seems really bad. (But I trust my Pdoc 100%).
I just want to know if someone has ever had or heard something like this please let me know. Maybe it’s the answer to what has happened to my brain and someone can help me understand.

From my understanding catatonia is a spectrum problem much like everything Else

Really? I haven’t read anything like that. I wish I had more information. I’m just looking for an answer. I figured it’s just been medication side effects taking away motivation. Been since I got sick years ago.
Thanks for replying

Thanks @Moon
I copied and pasted this:
‘The discovery that between 9% and 17% of patients in psychiatric facilities and emergency departments met criteria for catatonia’ - that is surprising.
My concentration isn’t great so I couldn’t read it all.

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Theres several symptoms of catatonia and you only need 3 to be diagnosed with it

I don’t see them in myself as much but he must see them in me.

So maybe that is my problem that I get catatonic and can’t do things but it’s not severe…

The article says that people with bipolar can get that way. I just want to go back to me again. But I would settle for doing more at least.

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I hope they can figure it out! I think catatonia is not something you can usually recognize in yourself

Maybe ECT would help. I had when I was a teenager. I swore I’d never get it again.

Yeah I guess I wouldn’t see in myself he is really good

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Early on in my illness, before my medication, I was a full-blown catatonic schizophrenic. To me it was like not being able to speak, feel emotions, have no facial expressions, hardly move, and have a lack of thought. And this would be the case most of the day, especially in the afternoon. What helped me was a antidepressant, it didn’t fully cure it, but I regained some emotions back and thoughts back. Hope this helps, and I hope you get better.

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What were you like once you took the antidepressants and it didn’t cure it completely? Did you have a milder form? What did it look like? Is there even such a thing? Another member mentioned catatonic is a spectrum. Have you ever heard this? Like functioning (and not) like I do? Thanks

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To add to this… This morning very hard to do anything feels like no motivation x 20. Feel stuck. Don’t want to do anything. Family needed me to do a couple do things, that forced me but it was like lifting a car.

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I’ve never heard it as a spectrum, but as soon as I started seeing a psychiatrist, my catatonic behavior was already lessened a great deal, so we didn’t really talk about it that much. And yes, as soon as the antidepressant started working, I saw considerable improvement in functionality. It looked like just severe negative symptoms, which I had up until a little while ago. The main symptoms I had after the medication was lack of speech and emotion. The lack of motivation and movement got better.

Ok that helps clarify.Very confusing for me.
Your recovery state sounds like I am but I am functioning higher so I don’t know.
Biggest reason I care is because if it is some kind of catatonic state that would be good believe it or not because then that would mean there may actually be some change for once with the TMS or ECT. Thanks for your reply.

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