The Where's ______ ? Thread

I wish @gamera well. I’m not sure how she is doing. Probably okay.

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What happened to @arturo?

I know it wasn’t good,

But he used to own the Say Anything thread.

He did some weird stuff and got suspended a long time,

I still expected him to come back.

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Me and @zeno used to talk a lot. Idk why he left. I think he was from Italy.

I still remember @YakDip disappearing. Sometimes I wonder if there was something we could have typed to help.

It’s better to pick on people who are around.

Also, be sure to compliment @Bowens on his mullet and bell-bottom trousers.



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The next time you folks give a list of rules to SZAdmin, shouldn’t that be in there, somewhere?

Maybe I just didn’t find it.

Something about a YouTube video announcing he was leaving over certain cat pictures, as I recall.

It’s honestly very difficult to think of everything to include in rules. There a several things I’ve noticed that were not included that are our policy. We do have a canned reply that we give to friends and family of Sz when they attempt to post on site. Generally, these days, we just don’t let them post in the first place but refer them to other forum.

It’s an established policy on forum, but you’re right, it’s not in the official rules.

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I remember some business having to do with that.

I sometimes think about the girl who was convinced her hands were not her hands.

Or the one who believed she controlled the weather.

I also wonder about the one who would post threads nearly every day, which were just random blocks of word salad regarding sleeping with the devil.
One day I pm’ed her the links to some blogsites and told her to go there if she just wanted to talk at instead of with people, and she kinda vanished.

I wonder how they all are doing now.

It feels kinda weird, wondering about people I’ve never met.


I think I heard from Ninja that particular member is doing much better and is now here under a different name.

This one accused me of running her off,

But she came back, of course.

Got bored, left for good.

That’s all the updates I know.


@Moonwalker @Genbu @bluerose

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Where’s @waldo ?


I also wonder about the guy who could not post without an at least 4 paragraph rant about being in a time loop, having been fictional characters in alternate timelines, MK ultras, and aliens.

I sincerely hope his delusions loosened their grip on him and that he cut down on the 10+ redbulls he drank per day.

Oh jeez I should really get some help with my name blindness soon :sweat_smile:


His stuff used to bug me it isn’t his fault. Idk why it bugged me because he was a lovely person though. Maybe I was getting sort of triggered.

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I think he just rubbed me the wrong way cause
A: he seemed to think those 4+ paragraphs were wanted or relevant in the threads
B: people who fully and openly embrace their delusions creep me out, man.
I can’t relate to them. When I go through periods of delusions, I always acknowledge that they might not be true, and I always have a few grains of doubt in my brain.
When someone dives headfirst into the rabbit hole and doesn’t seem to want to climb out, that’s a level of delusion I will never be able to relate to or understand.


He did seem really intelligent, though


Oh yea he was pretty adamant. That is probably why I felt uncomfortable

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It was johnnyboy, not jhonnybegood though

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Same. Really worried about him as well.