The voices kept wanting me to be negative and i said something real bad

they keep telling me im a demon and going to hell and they always are trying to make me think bad things and today i said the worst thing…i said i want to kill jews. After i said that they went silent as if they were satisfied cause i sealed my fate in hell. Im just trying to come back to reality keep telling myself its just an illness and the voices dont matter cause they arent real. But it sucks, cant stop thinking about it…

Why did you say such a thing?

these really bad things come out i dont say it out loud but i hear my voice in my head, believe me you dont want to know why else i said

That doesn’t mean anything as just a thought. Why are you dwelling on it?

It’s your brain, you can entertain the most messed up thoughts in the world. Just don’t manifest them. You’ll be fine.

I’ve thought and said lots of terrible things because of mental illness.

It doesn’t mean anything.

Try to distract yourself or take a PRN.


It was very painful when I lived with symptoms such as you describe.

thank you at i thought i was alone, it helps

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