The US and China should aggressively promote and fund and adopt genetic engineering

It should start using it aggressively,
and spread it to all people who desire it.
Genetic engineering should be available to all who desire it,
as soon as possible and free of charge.

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Why do you suggest that?

Genetic engineering is big in China. I think they were talking about getting rid of schizophrenia, among other things.

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Hello @Schizopains . It will life so much better for all of mankind.
It will allow us to choose our gender, our body, our intelligence, our fitness, our
talents, everything.
We will never get bored. No diseases. We will be rich. We will live an altogether more splendid life.

I didn’t know GMO could do all that. I just thought it was manipulation messing with food and soil and stuff. And some people say GMO causes cancer and maybe? gene mutation. Usa allowed GMO in everything. But MANY other countries maybe all of EU? has BANNED GMOs, I think.

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