The United States of the World

Lets talk America. How can you say you found someplace, where people were already living. Why do you involve yourself in external affairs? You start wars, in gain of resources. You say its a free country, but blacklist and watch anyone who speaks to the people. You claim you don’t know the answer to why crime is still high, well I figured it out in five minutes. Poverty. We allow obesity, we allow kids access to porn, we allow gays to get married, we allow marijuana(btw, I :heart_eyes: weed), but the point is we allow too much freedom to the people, then want to destroy all dictators and enforce democracy in countries that we don’t have no business being in. Then you made those troops think they were finally coming home just to send them to another shitty place, that really pissed me off. There’s things going on at the “top” that me and America are unaware of. And I don’t like it.

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Every country has its own problem. To some countries, the U.S.A. is heaven to them. High quality of higher education, for example. Even the tablet I am using is a patented technology of the U.S.A.

The U.S. has given me many good things. Our leaders are not the best. Bush was a C-student in college who got to his position from favors his daddy had collected from his business friends. One thing you have to understand. I will not say we are superior or better than any other country but we have a lot more going for us than almost any other nation on earth. Let me interject here. Everybody criticizes us and puts us down and points out our faults.So what? Do they think we are just going to give up and surrender so that the next two or three biggest world powers can impose THEIR way of running things on the world including us? No. I am not racist but do we really want China running the world? There are plenty of nice Chinese but their leaders are worse than ours. Just look at their record on human rights. Have you heard of Tienanmen Square In China? it was a peaceful revolt led by college students and the governments action was to massacre many civilians to stop it. This was 1989.Now in China if you even just SAY the words “Tienanmen Square” you can go to jail. Or maybe Russia should be running the world. Nice situation in the Ukraine right now. Everybody complains about us but with the examples I gave no one has come up with a better alternative then us. EVERY country who complains about us would LOVE to be in our position.And I’m sure the political figures in EVERY country on earth would love for their own country to run the world. We have many faults as a country but we also have many good things we do.


I vote for India to be the next super power of the world.

Hmmm. A country that threatens its neighbors with nuclear war. A country with a caste system which makes it extremely hard to succeed if you have the wrong parents. Where rape is rampant and almost legal.

The best thing we have going for us is that we’re a democracy. The system of checks and balances keeps us from getting too badly out of kilter. Granted, we have down some bad things while we told ourselves we were establishing democracies, but that is one of the hazards when we undertake the exigies of power in an uncertain and violent world. People all over the world want to come to America. People don’t want to immigrate to Russia or China. If someone wants to change something about the US they can speak out about it without fear of persecution. Granted, we have problems rooted in entrenched attitudes in our culture, but we are working to change those attitudes. We haven’t done anything as bad as the what the Nazies did or what Stalin did.

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I don’t really consider anything a crime if it doesn’t harm or take anything away from anyone else.
Poverty is also result of wrongful imprisonment.

An example: Here in NZ you can go to prison for spanking your child. If such happens no good paying jobs will employ you again. This results in poverty which results in your wife taking your kid away and marrying a man that can afford them (perhaps the guy who reported you giving your kid a slap on the bum).

It has to do with balance so that extremes are not as dualistic (schizophrenic) as they are here on Earth.
Ensuring that no man has to live in a Hell even if it means there will be no Heaven either. Just fair distribution of resources.

That won’t ever happen in the existence we’re living in, however, I can promise this. I think this existence is as intended.

Afterwards? Probably the version of Earth that demonstrates balance and so therefor harmony. Maybe life is an educational thing and those of us who freaked is because we took notice of some oddities during our visit.

A system using dichotomy can also build strength through conflict.

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Blame the eskimos.

It was them all along.

Look, this country, the way I see it had a history of doing some outrageous things - the mass slaughtering of tons of Native Americans - the mistreatment of African Americans and the sexist abuse against women - No we are not a perfect country.
The way I see it is that there is no perfect country - Most countries have their share of abuses and immoral activity.
In my opinion, even with this country’s checkered past - this is the greatest country to be living in.
We are learning our lessons as time marches on - this is a land full of free ideas and thinking.
Our institutions of higher learning - medicine - science - our industries - restaurants - social life - technologies cannot be beat, when you look at the whole picture. Overall the USA is an inclusive society - we do value our Independent nature and ideals. I love my country and would not want to live anywhere else - well… maybe Canada :wink:

A perfect country is ruled by perfect beings.

fortunately it’s not all that you could beyes I’m sure there’s plenty of skeletons in the closetafter all the riches that you could partner from the land it would not be as colorful as its history.I think the way the people recycle themselves needs to be looked at moreto give more opportunities to the poverty stricken peoplegood housing food development agriculture and all trippin or ship

I think there’s a lot of black budget projects that just shouldn’t exist and media control is out of control.

screw Monsanto…

Yellow snow? Saphron in the urine? “Lemonade” snow cones?

Good point but you have to admit that the world we are in now is a bit too screwed up to take seriously.
I have faith that most of us know better than what we’re seeing even if not perfect.

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