The Twilight Zone returns, again

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oh ■■■■ man… I really want to look at this but I am way too tired… sounds cool as hell…

(Kevin Levine was the writer behind bioshock and that shit was deeeeeeep FYI for those who didn’t know)

Yeah I didn’t read much as I assumed it would be something like quantum break where you play the game and your choices affect the show.

now I just want to watch the twilight zone…

they had some of that kind of crap in fallout 3… I remember in one you go into some virtual neighborhood before the nuclear blasts… it was a special vault that let people continue to live normally (in black and white lol)… but of course the machines faulted or the AI did some morbid ■■■■ and started killing people… was fun…

I think it was where the main’s pops got trapped in or something… I barely remember.

Man my Dad just gave me a hundred dollars before he went off to Vegas. That’s enough for one really nice video game and a few other decent ones. But I can’t because my computer is from 2008. If I can save up for the rest of the year I could buy a gaming computer myself or build my own. That’s if I don’t spend the money on college either.

dude I want to help you with that… but building a cutting edge PC is expensive… I’d get a xbone or piss4

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yo @apathy… I’m thinking about getting back into this game

you down? it’s an rpg… real easy for the most part… almost just a stroll through the flowers type game from 1998… you’re craptop/craputer would play it for sure…

(only 487 megs)

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I just gotta go get some food and I was about to start another character up…

human rangers are the best… ranged attacks + the heal spells (robots can’t cast magic)… and the “newmans” are weak as ■■■■. but they are the most powerful at higher levels due to their magic capacities having higher caps.

Yeah definitely. Let’s do it. I’ll start right now.

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aight man this one should be a sure fire… just give me an hour to get some good grub in me…

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I’m having trouble with this game. Would make a thread about it but their forum says they can’t find the “Bugs & Crashes” section when I click it and searching for the issue gets nothing.

are you on windows 8? that’s the only time I had trouble

Windows 7. I’m old school.

I had it running on win7… here hold on

you might need the visual c++ redistributables to get it to work right… simple install from microsoft… let me look and see which ones

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I’d look for 2003 and 2005 32 bit versions and see if that gets it running for you

2003 is included in this:

and 2005:

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@apathy let me know if that works…

I think you are good if the .Net 1.1 won’t install because you already have a newer version…

I don’t have 2003 installed…

man I have all the installs but you can’t email exe files or archives that have exe files in themm…

dude what the hell it’s letting me download and I’m not signed in… for the second download at least…

why does this â– â– â– â–  always happen to us bro?

well wanna play tf2?

It’s really chitty idk why