Have you seen Black Mirror?

The show on Netflix?? It is like the Twilight Zone, in fact I think it’s based on it. It’s really interesting.


I’ve seen the third season, the second episode of it was sooooo good

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I’ve never seen it. I’d like to see it. I loved Twilight Zone.

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Yeah, I’ve seen it. It’s pretty good.

Yeah, the pilot episode was … something else. Not a show I can watch with my wife.

@velociraptor are u on holidays …!!!

Yeah, @velociraptor, and what is your opinion on coke zero?

It’s my personal crack cocaine. :grin:

I was, but returned on last Sunday and worked this past week.

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U are a lucky dude…!!! So am i…hahahhaha

For a long time I wouldn’t watch Twilight Zone in color, but then I found out that Twilight Zone in color is good too.

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I used to watch “The Twilight Zone” when it was on in the evenings close to my bedtime- in black and white, the originals.

Catching up on Black Mirror on Netflix. There is a new series too. I think they are really good. Not seen a dull one so far.

That was funny yes. I’m catching up on some of the earlier ones I missed and they are good too.

I saw all of it!!! It’s amazing I love it so so much.

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Yeah I’ve seen it and immediately thought “twilight zone”, love that kind of stuff

I’m missing all the good shows because I refuse to pay $10 for amazon prime, $10 for netflix, $10 for whichever other channels. So many online TV sources, so little money :frowning:

Last episode of season 4 was really crazy good - “Black Museum”. It did make me think though, and I’ve felt this for a while, that revenge is just as bad as the original crime, yet society glorifies it.

Ehh. I disagree. That guy in ‘black museum’ really deserved what happened to him. Sometimes great injustice can only be lessened by punishment.

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My way of looking at that is if someone does something horrible to someone like that, they must be suffering a great deal already, so they already got it in a way. But I get it I mean a lot of people do need negative reinforcement (punishment) to finally learn, me included…