Dinosaurs in marianas trench?

Tonight when i was trying to sleep a voice took me to a time when dinosoars still roamed the planet. There were dinosoars like stegosaurus brontasaurus and teradactyl.
They were in a volcanic landscape.
Then i saw the whole worlds ocean waters drained and then went into marianas trench and was told dinosoars once roamed here.

Now the voice is saying “you wernt suppose to tell anyone you idiot!”

These are the types of ‘revelation knowledges’ i get

I know its a hallucination.
What used to get me in trouble is id believe i have special access to hidden knowledge. Then id end up on some special mission.

Since i stay away from religious stuff now the voices usually say they are from ‘elsewhere’ meaning like an alien or some aetheral thing.

So i will just accept the vision as an interesting experience.

I think the marianas trench didn’t exist when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Because everything was one big continent, Pangaea. The marianas trench developed as the continents drifted apart.

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Thank you, see i dont even know anything about it. That would make sense.

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