The trouble with making friends with your neighbors

my friend next door is an ex cop and conspiracy believer…I let him say what he wants but really I am against most of what he says…i will even tell him I don’t believe that stuff, but he goes on…trying to convert me…we are good friends but he is over the top…really…


Neighbors are difficult sometimes.

My question to you is if you think he is worth it despite your misgivings?


I’m fortunate to have cool neighbors. They’re super friendly, but they kind of mind their own business. And that’s fine with me


I’m kind of like a fish in the barrel…can’t get away from him…he’s always in the back yard and I am always back there exercising by walking or just playing with the dogs so he yells out at me…caught kinda.


I guess it’s a good idea to have a nice relationship, but maybe agree to disagree if possible, if you assert your position without being rude he might let up on the theories maybe

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Only on the days that end in Y.


I have some 400 lb psycho moron who lives above me. Right next to me is his psycho, sadistic old woman friend. I got along with all my neighbors at first but now they want to destroy me. And they are a 100% sure that they are in the right.


We have a chunky twenty-something blonde above us. Seems okay in passing, main thing to note is that she’s a screamer during sex. Booty calls at least twice a week. At like 2 am while we’re trying to sleep.

Can’t wait to buy a new house, lemme tell ya.


Hell, I’d pay her rent for a year if she would trade places with the moron.


Nick… you feeling better, man?

My downstairs neighbor is disgusting human, I can hear him partying and drinking and just being gross and obnoxious. He steals everyone’s spots in our apartment complex with his absurdly huge truck and litters our shared yard with beer cardboard. He also is atrociously mean about my child and wife “being loud” when all they do is walk around the house and stuff. And he’s down there blasting music and inviting his friends over until midnight. Noise ordinance is 7am to 10pm least he could do is respect it.

I have a guy a few doors down that helps me with my fishing stuff but usually he keeps to himself, I like him hes a nice guy, sometimes he drops off food and lectures me about fishing — people upstairs bug me they are always moving furniture around and having sex and whatnot — over all though I love my apartment it’s a great place in a great location, reasonable rent and mostly nice neighbors :upside_down_face:

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