Pic: my neighbor James

I hit the take button by mistake. This was the result:

This is the guy I go over and BS with every Saturday. He’s very cool about sz and everything about me. A good friend to have :slight_smile:


I’m friendly with our next door neighbor also.
Good guy.


The lady in the unit adjacent to me is really nice and we are on good terms. The guy upstairs can go screw himself; the mean bas*ard. I hardly see the two young women upstairs but I’ve said “hi” once or twice and they said “hi” back so I don’t have a problem with them.


When I was living in the senior living community, I was friends, or at least on friendly terms, with everybody that lived there. All 200 of them. It was a great place to live. And the staff were all very friendly and helpful too. I hated to leave that place but in the end, it was just too expensive to keep living there. So, I had to move.

Now, I live in a regular apartment that allows cats. No dogs. I own a cat. I’ve met almost all my immediate surrounding neighbors and they almost all of them seem nice and friendly. The guy next door to me only grunted when I said hi to him but that’s ok.

This new place doesn’t allow guns or cigarette smoking and that is all fine by me. I don’t like them either.

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