The three amigos'

so mrs sith and i were in ’ big ’ town sitting having a coffee outside…
then a little girl of three comes out of the cafe with her doll and plasticine and pushes a milk crate with a cushion on top, and plonks herself down next to us , looks at us, and starts making platicine flowers…
then a sister and brother about three and five, who’s parents were sitting outside, push two more milk crates with cushions on, and place them either side of the first little girl…!?!
there they sat making plasticine flowers and explaining their creations to there new found friends mrs sith and the dark lord…!!
take care


Sounds like fun. Children can be so delightful.

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Cool. I usually don’t like kids but there’s exceptions. They can be funny.

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maybe they wanted to be adopted lol

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Best story. :slight_smile:

Kids rock.


Kids are the best. I love how they just come up and chatter and then run away. Very cool. :innocent: