The little things


Yesterday, my daughter (4) and my son (7 months) finally hit it off. They were playing and giggling and overall being very loud in the mall, but, it made me happier, what was funnier though was this morning… Normally I make breakfast before anyone is up, but, I am sick, so I slept in. My daughter wakes up and asks for a banana, I’m like, sure, I will fix breakfast in a minute. She eats her banana and asks for a piece of cheesecake. I said, wait a minute (I was on the phone).

She took this as I will get you cheesecake in a minute, so, she helps herself. I had walked into the bedroom to talk, next thing I know, Jeremiah is giggling, so, I go to check it out.

Maria is in Jeremiah’s crib feeding him tiny bits of cheesecake.

I swear I was only out of the room for a minute! I love these two!

She got in trouble, but, boy was it cute.


Cute story @samples32. I’m around a lot of kids these days, and it makes me smile.


That is really sweet. Kids always make me smile. No kids of my own yet, but I get to dote on nieces and nephews.

Glad the sibling bond is starting to develop. I hope these two become better friends as time goes on.