I love how kids think

My sis is kid sitting again for a few hours. She was outside teaching the youngster how to skip stones across the water. She told the kid to find something sort of flat and uniform. So the kid just threw my sisters phone in the drink.

I LOVE this kid. :smile: :thumbsup: :star:

It reminded me of the time during a family gathering, a cousin was introducing the girl friend to the family. The girlfriend was wearing some sort of puffy dress and asked my cousin at the table in front of family… “does this dress make me look fat?” My cousin tried to stall and be nice about it, but his younger sibling shouted out… “I think it makes you look pregnant. You guys have been dating for 9 months right?”
I love how kids think…


Thanks for always making us laugh! It’s positivity like this that makes the forum so fun!