The strangest thing just happened

Royalty from africa just sent me an email about how they needed my bank account number to transfer money.

Said something about how they had to get the money away or something.

So i did it, i gave them my information.

And it was in there.

They were totally telling the truth, i couldn’t believe it.

So i made some money.


dude, now they have a portal to your account…you totally should not have given them what they wanted…I would close down the account immediately.


This is about the greatest such story I have ever read.

Pans, was it Nigerian royalty or the widow of an Army colonel?

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This one’s pretty amazing, too. Won’t you help this poor stranded Nigerian astronaut get home? Agree with commenter that this would make an excellent plot for a tv series.

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Wow. Good reading
I get a lot spam calls never answer them.

Pretty sure he’s joking


I seriously hope you are joking. Please don’t give your bank account info to illegitimate people from an email

No, i know what you guys are thinking. I thought the same thing, but i decided to believe and give them a chance.

And it worked out, the nigerian royalty placed a lot of money in my account.

So you guys were all wrong the whole time, they were being honest the entire time but no one would believe them. The money is in my account right now.

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report to your bank what you’ve done and let them handle it…it could be mob money.


what’s mob money?

Oh, that’s just that blood soaked money that may or may not get you into some kind of trouble.

Like the dude that got the ice pick in the back of the head on goodfellas, dats some of dat mob money involved there.

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