The solution is life

The solution is life.

There are several occasions when I was like,

that guy who thinks he is right and expects others

to follow what he just explained and,

I never understood that I’m the one

who must wake up.

Finally, I woke up and

realized that the truth is,

“”" The solution is life “”".

It was always me who must have been different,

not the other way around.

I now understand that I’m life

and solution starts with me

being wide awake.


The solution is life.


It is me, not the others who are at the wrong footing.

Now, I know.

The solution is life.

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Sagar are u still not taking any medicine…


No, I am not taking any medicine for the past two months. I only get delusions periodically, mostly when I allow them to continue.

Not for Ted Bundy.

It shows.