The Refrigerator Mother Theory From The 1950's

Do you believe that is the cause for Schizophrenia and Autism? Were any of you guys raised by refrigerator moms?

I guess that theory doesn’t hold water anymore. It’s pretty outdated. Like lobotomies.

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My mother was like a refrigerator, :laughing: but then again she was also odd in her thinking, so was my dad.

Schizophrenia is most likely genetic rather than how you were raised.

Blaming the mother for the development of sz is really an old fashioned theory.
Schizophrenia is really a biological based illness. Back then psychology played a big role on how they treated schizophrenia. Today medical science has advanced. Medications are the primary treatment, psychology plays second fiddle.

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I just looked up refrigerator Mom’s… How terrible. No wonder these women were in denial, which most likely resulted in lots of kids never getting treatment who needed it. Wow, I am so glad I did not have to fight this in the 50’s. How very sad.

My Mom is more cool headed and logical then my Dad. But I’ve never felt unloved or that she emotionally unavailable.

My father was the bigger problem.

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Sadly, for me this might be true… I was raised only by my mum and without having shizophrenia yet neither knowing the refrigenerator mother theory i always felt lack of love and support, only been given food, as the theory says.

Actual question:
what is different between the old and new theories,if there is no scientific evidence for all ?
all theories are fail to achieve accurate definition,explanation,understanding or true recovery

-after the researchers have many theories,we remain do not know from them what is the sz in its nature or what is the cause
-there is a description and diagnoses of a group of symptoms,that is all !
-there is no description in the medical reference for an actual disease

-in the 2050’s,the new theories today become old

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Any schizophrenic individual in the world,whatever the degree of his mental qualifications,
he sees,hears,touch and feels the cause of the case so-called schizophrenia,like you see the sun in the sky,that is 100% true without needing to any theory
=if the scientific researchers are unable to diagnoses the existentialism features of the cause which the schizophrenic individual can see,hear,touch and feel him inside his psychological world,it is absolute impossible to diagnoses the cause of sz by scientific means !!

{if you can diagnoses the internal symptoms which the schizophrenic individual feel them
inside himself,then you diagnoses the existentialism features of the schizophrenia cause himself !!}
=do you understand the point ?

Blaming mothers for their child’s schizophrenia is like lobotomies.Theories that at the time seemed like good ideas. But later disproved. Sure, horrible parenting can contribute to schizophrenia, it fits in with the environmental theories. But blaming mothers as the PRIMARY cause of schizophrenia is pretty much not accepted today. But I don’t have any studies or statistics, all I know is what I’ve read and you would be hard-pressed today to find a majority of psychiatrists who believe it. But you’re right. Nether of us can predict the future but by 2050 they may have treatments or cures for schizophrenia that we have no idea about now and may have nothing to do with medication. But we don’t really know right now. For all we know, medication may be the best treatment for schizophrenia forever. Theories in general can be seen as educated guesses. Not always a 100% provable but evidence points to what they are claiming. I am sure that the reason that the “refrigerator mom” theory is now widely discredited because scientists and researchers found that it doesn’t hold water for the MAJORITY of schizophrenics. If it were true, we would still be using that theory today. But we don’t.

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We are believe 100% that,the medical intervention is the only treatment of the schizophrenia onset,we say that although we really know right now the schizophrenia is not actual disease or illness
=while all of us know that,take medical drugs for long life “forever” causing many actual brain diseases without development true recovery
-forever,schizophrenia is just a group of disorder symptoms that does not arise from any kind of disease{ there is no any universal condition }
=this means that,it is impossible to diagnoses the disease condition in the biological structure of any schizophrenic individual forever,because the disease condition does not exist mainly !
=100%,schizophrenia is a symptom not a disease
-by 2050 or after one light year,there is no any hope to find real treatment of schizophrenia,because the treatment theories are build on many mistakes
{ without you know the nature of schizophrenia and its cause ,you can not find the real treatment of schizophrenia or even talking about recovery from the schizophrenia }

for your information,the things or the internal symptoms that so-called hallucination are the the existentialism futures of the cause 100%,if the researchers reject or ignore this fact,they will stay forever do not know the nature of sz or its cause
we let the time tell you this fact

I agree that there are other types of ways to treat schizophrenia that work on SOME people. OK, but you know why I think that medical treatments are best? Because when I first got diagnosed with this"disease that does not exist" I spent one solid year at a world famous home for schizophrenics. The founders did not believe in medication or hospitals to treat schizophrenics…I should say that even THEY would give medication to a client having a crisis. But yeah, I had full blown schizophrenia when I was 19 and 20 and I was living in this house. It did not help me at all. I suffered needlessly because I did not have medical intervention.Maybe if I had been put on medication right away I would be doing better now than I am.

OK. Many people would agree with that.I have heard leading researchers and psychiatrists who would agree with that. Does that mean they’re right? Not necessarily because there are a million people who would disagree with that and show evidence and studies to back their claims up. Maybe both sides are a little wrong and a little right.[quote=“atabo, post:11, topic:497”]
=while all of us know that,take medical drugs for long life “forever” causing many actual brain diseases without development true recovery

What brain diseases? I have heard VERY few people on this sight in 5 years say that they have a brain disease. And some like me, have been on medications for more than two decades. Brain disease? I just started my new class three days ago and I aced the first quiz. I need 5 classes for my degree. I have been on medications since 1981. For the sake of argument, I just turned in an 800 word essay (about six written pages) that my professor asked for my permission to use in all his future classes as an example of what a college essay should look like. Not bad for a brain diseased person with false recovery.[quote=“atabo, post:11, topic:497”]

forever,schizophrenia is just a group of disorder symptoms that does not arise from any kind of disease{ there is no any universal condition }
I will make this short. The universal conditin is positive symptoms and negative symptoms. I will concur that not everybody has the same combination of symptoms. But the major universal condition is delusions, and hallucinations. These things people have in common so it is called schizophrenia. Just like a cold has sneezing, runny noses and coughing.
I’m getting tired. Lets just say that the issue has already been debated by people who have the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about results. Neither you nor I have run studies PERSONALLY to be able to prove are points. We are both relying on what we have been exposed to about schizophrenia. We just pick what we want to believe from what we have been exposed too. Neither you nor I have a monopoly on theories about schizophrenia. I would really like to address your last two points but like I said, I’m tired. Have a good evening. and nice debating with you!

Thank you about your replying,because you are the first man in this web who want make real
discussion around the schizophrenia,no matter if we are disagree in most points

But let me say that,I do not ask any person if he talking about the sz facts through
self-experience,because it is so easy to me to know if he have actual experience with sz or not
-I agree with my self that,I do not make the common mistakes when i talking about the essential facts of the case so-called schizophrenia,

if we starting real debate with you,we can start from this point:
"Sz is not actual disease or illness "
OR the term schizophrenia in medical reference is just a name for a group of isolated
OR the word sz is a description for unexpected behavioral characteristic for some individuals
Wherever the word sz does not describe an actual disease

the question
If the Sz is a symptom not disease, then,what is it in itself ?
In other words,what is the essential nature of the schizophrenia case ?

  • to make the question so easy for you,you can tell us what is the sz case
    in itself from 3 different aspects:
    1- the schizophrenia from the view of self-experience
    2-the schizophrenia from the diagnostic view "medical view "
    3- the sz by the eyes observations of individuals of society

When I was diagnosed in 1977, they tried to imply that my family had something to do with my illness.
They wanted me to talk of my childhood which was totally irrelevant.
I was too young at 18 and afraid to tell the dinosaur docs that they were full of S%^&T.
If you didn’t agree with them they would shoot you up with more Haldol.

But it just made me mad and determined to prove them wrong, that my family was just fine.
I had to comfort my Mom crying after I can only believe they tried to lay some blame on her.
I tried very hard to pretend everything was fine.

I had always known since high school I was going to be a Chemist and after I took Biochemistry,
I was surprised that the body even worked at all as there is so much that can go wrong.
It did take me 6 years to graduate with stress interruptions.

most researchers or who studying the biological structure of the schizophrenic body,
do not give any attention to the fowloing facts:
1-All aspects of activities of sz cause should not causing an actual organic disease
2-the cause of sz has needed to a biological body that go right biochemically and mentally !!
BECAUSE the main goal of the sz cause is act and behave hallucinationly to development a modification in the informational content of the individual ,that is to be able to development a behavioral characteristics toward the misconduct,mismanagement,
{change the culture of the individual which led to changing the behavioral characteristics}

Thus,all changes in the religious beliefs and cultural believes does not occur at all if the biochemistry of the brain going wrong !
i.e the cause of sz be needed to a right brain to make up these changes !!
I.e the cause of sz is using the mental functions and brain biochemistry to make up all changes in the believes of the individual without development any organic disease in the brain …this is the main plan
** changing the personal thoughts without development a disease **
The changes in the thought is not SPONTANEOUS,but it was occurred by action and effectiveness of the hallucinations over the mental functions
The changes in the behavioral characteristics is not SPONTANEOUS,but it was occurred by direction of the changed cultural content

this fact is not delusional thought,it is the pure expression of the schizophrenia message
3- in
the case if there is organic disease prevent the occurrence of higher knowledge processes or prevent the biochemical activity of the brain regions, then ALL ASPECTS OF cultural changes
does not occur,all changes in the personal beliefs does not occur,all changes in the behavioral characteristics does not occurs !!
4- you can notice that,the sz case does not occurs in someone have already a brain disease
5-in most cases,when you diagnoses the schizophrenic in the lab,you can not find the schizophrenia disease or any other diseases !!
6-the activities of the cause in the mind-brain of the individual do not make changes in the chemicals of the brain “do not make up a disease” but causing a changes in the rate of SPEED and the QUANTITY of the mental functions,and that led to the occurrence of imbalance in the brain !

7-all who speaking about the cause of schizophrenia,mainly they have no true idea what is the schizophrenia as it as in itself

YOU wrote " I agree that there are other types of ways to treat sz that work on SOME people"

1-I talking about the treatment of ONSET’s shocking which have a monstrous effect on the biochemistry for one month
2-in the case,if there is no medical intervention,there are one of two solutions
a-lose the consciousness “lose attention and waking” ,whatever the used method
b-going in deep sleep "whatever the used method "

the main goal is to stopping the mental activities 100% {the main base }
there is no any treatment method can deal with the onset’s shocking while the individual
in the waking condition,whatever the medical drug that be used,the individual must be lose his consciousness 100%

the intervention must be occurs between 24-48 from the moment of onset “hearing the voices”

  • lose consciousness and going in the stage of deep sleep " is the only biological defense
    to deal with the shocking of the onset
  • after the shocking of onset , the brain functions can not development the chemistry of sleep ,so the external intervention is the way to make up the stage of sleep

when the individual stop taking the medical drugs ?
when he sees that he have the deep sleep automatically without need to take drugs “in most of cases this is happen after one month”,but if the individual stay to take the medical drug after that,the drug can not change anything even if he take the drug forever !

whatever the details of chemical imbalance,it is led to brain failure in development of chemistry of lose consciousness or development the chemistry of sleep