The reason I love Aussies

They don’t take themselves too seriously!

There’s a petition to change the Australian currency name to “dollarydoos”. Below is a link fro an article about it and a video from where the world “dollarydoo” comes from!


Of the places the dreaded voice in my head (which has been absent about a week now…fingers crossed) Australia probably comes up the most…“go to Australia” Heard it a lot. Funny, the only other foreign country that voice ever mentions is Korea…“go to Korea”. What does Australia and Korea have in common? Nothing what so ever? There are states too…North Dakota has featured prominently.

I’m staying put.

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Interesting question, but I have no answer for it, too.

Both are in the Far East!

I dunno why you would want to move to North Dakota though, unless you just want to be bored out of your mind!

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