The preclinical models for SEP-856 suggest that it may have the potential to treat the negative symptoms of schizophrenia

TARRYTOWN, N.Y.–(Business Wire)–PGI Drug Discovery LLC (PsychoGenics), today announced that a compound identified through its drug discovery collaboration with Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Sunovion) has achieved a milestone.

The compound, SEP-856, is a potential antipsychotic agent with a novel mechanism of action being investigated as a possible treatment for patients with schizophrenia. The preclinical models for SEP-856 suggest that it may have the potential to treat the negative symptoms of schizophrenia.


That sounds awesome but at the same time when I really think about it honestly sounds kind of scary. Can you imagine suddenly REALLY giving a ■■■■ about everything? That’s the only way I can really imagine it. Like suddenly stressload is through the roof. Hopefully they put something anti-anxiety to go with it so it doesn’t freak people out.

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Abilify is supposed to treat the negative symptoms too, but I still have them. Maybe they’d just be worse without abilify.

What is the mechanism of action of this medicine

no more Details…:smoking:

It will take many years for this medicine to reach the market. It’s still in the preclinical stage !!! Why are they getting so hyped about it? Schizophrenia can’t be modelled in animals. How do you separate depression from negative symptoms in mice? You can’t !!!
I’m just being realistic here, not trying to understate the importance of preclinical testing.

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I wouldn’t say they were getting particularly hyped up. Yes it’s very early days yet but all investigations into new drugs have to start somewhere. In terms of posting about it it’s one for those who keep a check on such things(I know some posters do) to keep a mental note of . Hopefully in time more information will be forthcoming.

hey @Andrey how r u…???
this drug already passed phase 1 trails…
so its no more preclinical.
yes u rightly said sz can’t be modelled in animals correctly…
take care…:pray:

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There are currently no open studies for this compound. They sure are taking their time… I was expecting a bit more action from their part :slight_smile:

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Hey, blast from the past here, but SEP 856 is in phase 2 now!


They’re going to test it on subjects undergoing an acute episode of schizophrenia. Bummer. I was hoping they would focus on chronic stabilized patients with predominant negative symptoms. They try to kill several birds with one stone, which is likely not going to happen.

@Andrey I love you!:heart_eyes:

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Of course you love me. Who doesn’t ? :slight_smile:

Peace brother, you are in my thoughts, may your cognitive issues resolve soon !

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You are in my thoughts too @Andrey I hope you manage to do everything you ever dreamed of.
And become 100 percent healthy.

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Perhaps they think that is the likeliest road to approval. They will still be assessing negative symptoms and depression secondarily.


They need to stop testing everything using general measuring tape. Some people will improve in ways which are not measured on the panss. For example, @Andrey might be miraculously cured of his predominant negative symptoms or @erez from his cognitive symptoms yet it doesn’t show up in the panss in six weeks. My negative symptoms began to thaw out at around two years, how are we supposed to measure that improvement. Additionally min-101 is being tested as monotherapy for both pos and neg sx. But they are using the sans as the official hurdle, what if it has inadequate efficacy in positive symptoms? What if improvement emerges after the treatment period?

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