Study Author Q&A: A Novel Antipsychotic Treatment for Schizophrenia -


Wow, looks promising!

so it is phase 3 now? Pity that means at least another 5 years to reach UK and Europe if it passes. :frowning:

This is a good report about Sep:


This is my hope for the future. Please don’t let me down SEP-363856.


Thought it launches in EU as long as it launches in na?

It does affect dopamine though, just not directly…

“TAAR1 plays a significant role in regulating neurotransmission in dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin neurons in the CNS”

“agonist at the trace amine-associated receptor 1 (TAAR1)”

Hopefully its not just another med that lowers dopamine…

1 Like,increasing%20post-synaptic%20receptor%20binding.&text=Amphetamine%20and%20trace%20amines%20can,across%20the%20neuronal%20membrane%20directly.

According to wiki under clinical significance, activation of taar1 can treat obesity and diabetes which also explain how the clinical trial results are similar to placebo with regards to metabolic parameters

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It’s predicted to launch in USA and Japan in 2023 not sure when it will launch in other countries

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Well I hope that its better than current meds.

What are your thoughts about KarXT? I have to read about it.

I read that the negative symptoms that it helps with isn’t as good as sep 363856 panss score also lower at 13 iirc compared to 19 of sep 363856

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Thanks for the info.

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Capytla was released March 2020 in USA and is not expected to reach UK for at least 3 more years, so if released in 2023 then 2026 for UK.

Weird I read that someone on the forum in UK is already eating caplyta

It needs NICE approval here and that takes awhile.

Who is this UK person on caplyta? I wonder how they got around it legally?

@anon28145038 are you from UK? I am not sure who’s the guy but I am very sure there’s a person who claims to be from UK and takes the medicine at 2x the cost

What is new in this report ?
It is a new treatment that do not blocking dopamine D2 receptor,so that it avoid causing the famous bad side effects
As usual it is reduces the severity of the symptoms like all other medicines,and does not lead to a sustainable final cure from the sz’s tragedy

The questions
What does it mean that the drug targets the receptors ,not the transmitters ?
Why does blocking the receptor function become a means to correcting the mechanisms of change/ disorder that precedes the symptoms and cause ?

Mainly,what is different between the function of transmitter / receptor in the pathway of the higher mental processes ?

And, where is the defect in the higher mental process that is responsible to induce the symptoms ?
Is the defect in transmitter signal OR in the receiving process of the signal in the receptor ?

It will probably be a failure.

Take caplyta for example. It was meant to be good with minor side effects, but according to all the caplyta reviews it seems terrible.

I don’t believe in this new drug either, but I hope I’m wrong

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Anyone can post a review, and people taking caplyta on this forum has lost weight and been well so I wouldn’t call it a failure. I doubt you want a day where there’s no new medicine and you got to rely on those old meds with nasty side effects. I would believe in clinical trial results over reviews anyday and sep results are good enough to warrant FDA giving it breakthrough therapy