The post Christmas blues

We opened our presents and did our holiday meal on Christmas eve. My parents are going to my ex brother in laws house for Christmas day but I am not going since I don’t want to leave my dog alone all day. So my Christmas is pretty much over. For some reason I am kind of feeling down now.

I can’t really put my finger on the reason why but I just feel low. Maybe because I no longer have something to look forward to? I was really looking forward to people opening my presents and now that’s over. I don’t know. I feel slightly depressed.

Anyone else feel like this post Christmas?


Definitely… we’re doing our celebration tomorrow and the day after, but I am already dreading it being over… :sob: time definitely has been flying by. I am also kind of sad cause my nephew is leaving tomorrow afternoon.


Hope you had a good time tho!!



Thanks @Human . I hope you have a good time tomorrow!

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I like the dinner and that’s about it

My goal is to make Christmas nice for my mother, as every year she does so much and tries hard to please everyone

The only spanner (in the works) is my step dad

Now I have a dog I am skipping Boxing Day as I hate my step sister right now and I don’t want to see her

First time I have used the dog as a reasonable exit from an awkward situation!!!

Spend the day with your doggo!

Can you go for a nice walk?


Yes, I feel that way, too. Part of it was that my family in Florida had our Xmas early cuz I flew back to Alaska today, and I think the bigger part was that everyone had holiday expectations way higher than what is humanly possible. It’s always that way with my family, everyone expecting a Jimmy Stewart holiday, when real life has disappointments, stress, and screw ups (like me making the gingerbread men cyclops, but that was funny).


Thank you!!

I look forward to seeing everyone open their presents😄

Did everyone seem happy with what you got them? Did you end up getting anything good?


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For the most part. Yeah, I got mostly clothes, which I was expecting, so it was good.

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You could use my approach of being so bluntly rude to a relative that you’re not welcome back, ever. It’s a real time saver.


Believe me I’d like to

With my step sister she’d cut off my parents if I did that!

I only have my mothers family, and we’re pretty close

My step dads family I never see, so not much of an issue!

Guess when you get a partner things change but I wouldn’t know about that


Yeah, I might just take her for a walk on Christmas day, Joker. Good idea.

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The fresh air will probably do you some good!

I can’t wait to walk my dog to get some headspace

He can go out properly after the 29th once up to date on vaccinations

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Sorry to hear that you’re feeling down, were all here for you man! Merry christmas.


Merry Christmas @TheCanuk !

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I won’t be getting post Xmas blues as I’m not having the Xmas meal and chocolate and as I will have the new year to look forward to.

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Not really with Christmas. With Halloween, yes. It’s a day I look forward to.


I hope you feel better @Bowens. At least you can look forward to New Year’s.

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I get really down on Christmas Day, too, but a lot of it is boredom because I have nothing to do, and then my head starts filling in the gaps/space with negative things. I have things to do, but they’re chore-like, and who wants to do that today?

It makes perfect sense to feel down once it’s all over. Same when you come home from a vacation. Anything for which you built up expectations and anticipation – it’s always a letdown, or a downer on the other side.

Is there something else on your calendar that you can look forward to? Can you purposely schedule something?

For me, I have a friend coming to visit on the 9th. So I’m excited about that. (And then will probably be down when she’s gone, especially since I don’t live near my friends anymore.)


I think what you’re feeling is normal, and it sucks. It will probably lift in a few days, if you’re not prone to being triggered into depression.

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Not that I can think of atm.

Yeah, I think so too.

So glad you made this post @Bowens

I get post Christmas blues every year. It’s all over for us here now in the UK and im in bed feeling it already.

I also can’t point my finger what I am down about. Other than it being post Christmas blues.