The post Christmas blues

Nobody is home…


You know you want to.

Too much phookin’ excitement, if you ask me.



Yeah it is bloody too much excitement. PHOOKIN hell.


I often do. I think part of it is all the sweets I ate on Christmas. I’m suffering from a sugar hangover. Do you think that could be part of your problem? Also, it is the beginning of winter. We’ve got January and February to get through. That doesn’t cheer me up.


Yeah, I am not looking forward to the winter either. That may be part of it. I don’t think its the sugar hangover for me though. Idk. I am feeling a bit better already today after getting some sleep. It will pass.

I get a little down afterwards. I think it’s because of how excited I get. Then it’s over and back to normal without any excitement. And it’s like being deflated a bit.

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We didn’t get to have Christmas this year in any form because of my brother’s untreated sz. It’s a real shame cuz I wanted to cuddle up by the tree with the space heater on Xmas Eve eating a presto pizza and watching Christmas Story, then we were gonna go to the mom’s BF’s parents house, at the retirement village, to have Christmas lunch, then to grandparents for dinner, but it is all canceled.

My mom bought me some replacement headphones for Christmas, and my grandparents haven’t given me the usual Christmas money, probably because they recently offered to cover half my mattress and did that, they might be combining the two.


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