After its all said and done.........did you have a good xmas

did you find that one true thing that made all worth why’ll. did your hopes and dreams not drive you to wild. did you meet some one new. or see a old fogy or two. or was it all in a smile…


I survived Christmas very well. I even enjoyed myself.


I had an ok xmas. Was a bit hectic with my sisters young kids over xcited. Today was great though. My other sis from Edinburgh was over with her teenage kids. We had a good time and the food was great. We had a beef roast.

We have LOADS of turkey left over so we are going to make turkey bake, sandwiches, curries and enchiladas with what’s left. Will be sick of turkey in a few days I’m sure.

Thought I was coming down ill earlier but am ok now.


Mine was alright, but I was anxious being at my bf’s parents’. This is the first time I’ve been after the DX, so I was very worried about seeming perfectly normal. Even my bf noted I was basically putting on a character for over a day straight. Otherwise, everything was alright.

:joy: 1515151515

Best Xmas in my life yet!


I was much less Anxious this Christmas Eve.
I really enjoyed it.
Nice family gathering.


Christmas Eve went well. Christmas not really. My in-laws tried to get me in trouble with my partner. Claiming I drank a bunch of their soda. I only had one.

I found asylum in some bedroom while the huge family christmas supper was going on…

after the feast, I snuck some leftovers and my brother gave me new headphones. :smile:

I’d say it was an alright Christmas. :smiley:

Quiet and happy Xmas!