The police and the gangs

Granted, the police pull some terrible things, but they’re far more preferable than the gangs. The gangs operate by imposing sheer terror. Look at the way we talk about the police. If a person starts talking about a gang like that they show up on his doorstep and beat him within an inch of his life or kill him. You had better be in deathly fear of the gangs. At least the police have they checks of laws and regulations on their behavior.


True, it is not just their uniforms that make the difference.

some people prefer the gangs over police because sooooooo many people are in gangs in my state and the police are just as bad if not worse some places the police are ok and not all of them are bad here but most are terrible

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Its hard to spot a gang member. i probably pass many of them when I’m walking to my car or doing errands downtown and i don’t even know it. I tend to just be friendly to as many people as I can. I got into the habit of greeting people when I pass them. Some of them probably don’t deserve it but its funny to me when I see big, mean, tattoo covered, guys in stores or on the sidewalk and I say a simple “Hi” and most of these guys say “Hi” back and a lot of them are soft-spoken or even shy. It cracks me up but maybe some of these guys are horrible people and maybe I should be more discerning on who I talk to.

Yes, but if you talk even a little bit about any of these guys’ business they will show up on your door step and beat you within an inch of your life.

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