The place where I had breakfast

today and the view from this bench … was good until one man arrived and started smoking his cigar on the bench next to mine … it is unusually cold here now …


Heaven on earth.


beautiful pics…

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It has been unusually cold here, yesterday it snowed, the ice is gone, but here is a photo I took in this morning when i had my morning walk.


It is so unusual, much colder than usually, it snowed a little today, not all ice is gone, went to the beach where I was in my childhood, it is all frozen, maybe it is the reverse climate change and the beginning of the mini ice age as some people have predicted in Russia, I am so close to Russia … back in May 2004 birds were singing and there were leaves in trees at this time already, not now, some birds are singing …


erittäin kylmä, ozen holodnii, very cold, mycket kalt/kall :smile: just languages I know, I do not remember the time when I have had to wear my wool hat that was sent to me by my sz aunt at this time of the year … ozen holodnii …

Cold, but the sun is shining.

Have not seen any butterflies at all, too cold for them right now … farmers may have a problem in this year if the weather stays like this, as it was in 1865 …

It is interesting, we have unusually cold here in eastern Finland and they have many wildfires in Siberia, is the climate really changing …

It is funny, in the beginning of this winter I had a dream of going to Novosibirsk, Siberia … they actually have much warmer there now … maybe Siberia weather came here .

Novosibirsk Weather

Thu, May 11
745 mm
NW,4 m/s

Fri, May 12
751 mm
SE,2 m/s

that’s cool. i just came back from outside too. it’s good to appreciate nature, every once in a while.

Beautiful photos. Very nice.

The snow front is coming, it just started snowing, it is the first time in my life I have had to wear a wool hat in the middle of May, it is just so cold, in one place in this morning it was -7 C …