Last night was horrible

I got voices and paranoia after couple hours it went and was a relief but I’m back to depression and anxiety now but not extreme
Also have menstural cycle make me low

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I hope you feel better now that the night is over.

Sorry you got put through a hard night.

Take care of your self and I hope you get a chance to recharge.

Many of us, particularly sz’s, have that “long dark night of the soul”. Just hang on. It will pass.

I am very sorry that you had a bad night last night, shellys12. It should not happen as you are on Zyprexa. You need to speak to your Pdoc as soon as possible. Maybe this is caused by your study as it gives your much stress.

Hope you feel better tonight. If you are scared you can increase the dose of zyprexa by yourself. I did this sort of thing 8 months ago and I am now on a larger dose than the pdoc recommended. The pdoc prescribed me meds at the dose of 200 mg amisulpride everyday and now I am on 250 mg because when I took 200 mg, I had nightmares and could not have good sleep. This is my experience.

By the way, I am still there for you, you can PM me anytime.

I do hope that you feel better @shellys12 - Hang in there

Hope by the time you read this, you are on the mend.
Sometimes PMS can amp up your system…

Woo I feel you girl I’ve slept a total of maybe 4 hours over the past 3 nights. I had to employ my whole arsenal of coping tactics last night to avoid going into panic mode. Sleep has just not been coming for whatever reason.

Here’s to hoping we both get some good shut eye tonight!