The new puppy is doing fine...sorry no pics

He is getting so big and he is trained so well by Angie we never have any mistakes with pottying in the house. such a sweet little guy…big guy actually…his head is just above my knee…play with him all the time and he spends most of his time in Angie’s room w/ her. Please don’t say we stole him…we saved his life by bringing him when it was freezing temperatures and the neighbors aren’t a worry anymore.


How many dogs do you have, now? It seems you’ve mentioned them before. How do you pay vet bills? What’s his name? Lot of questions. Hope I’m not meddling.

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Happy things are working out with the new puppy!

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I can’t imagine life without my dog and cat. They are so cuddly. Glad to hear you are doing well with the new pup :dog2:

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@chordy we now have 3 dogs…two are getting old. this puppy will keep us happy after the others pass away…we have someone helping us with vet bills…

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