The new guy at work has problems

But he’s a helluva worker. The company I work for hires veterans and disabled people. I’ve seen several come and go over the years. So our little janitorial crew has one veteran, and three disabled people including me. I’m writing this so maybe someone will think, “Boy, if he could work so can I”.

The new guy talks to himself, he breaths kind of loud, he gets a crazy look in his eye if you bug him, he looks kind of different and he is out of synche somehow with what’s going on. Poor guy is shy, lol. He’s this big, mean , scary looking guy but when you talk to him, he’s like a little kid. Anyway, I think it is amazing that this guy can not only hold down a job at all and he even gives me competition.

My point is that some places will hire people who have obvious problems. You just have to look hard for them. Here in California I’ve been in a couple of vocational programs that are exclusively for the mentally ill. They have gotten me a few jobs in my time where the employer knew I was disabled. At one job they got me at Macy, the employer didn’t know I was ill but they let my counselor sit in on the job interview to help me. Don’t ask me how that worked, I can’t explain it. Anyway, anybody thinking of getting a job should take heart.


@77nick77 I am a disabled vet with schizophrenia, and I am taking part in a program run by the VA called VR&E (Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. I have my next appointment on March 22. They are going to send me to school. I want to be a web designer. But because of my schizophrenia, they are going to start me off slow, to make sure I can handle it. For example, I have to work for Goodwill for a time to prove myself, and they are only going to let me take a class here and there at first. But I think it is going to be a really good thing and be good for my mental health if I can take it.


My local Safeway store has hired a lot of folks with disabilities. I think this is really positive for the store, for the disabled employees, and for the community.


Yeah, riddled, that sounds looks a very good situation for you. It’s a good idea of theirs to ease you into a new job rather than just throwing you in there without preparation.Good luck and let us know how it goes.


My local Safeway hires disabled people too.

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Web design is awesome if you have a combination of a technical and a creative mind and also would enjoy creating things.

I’m a web designer/developer myself I’ve been doing it for 2.5 years and still really like it (feel free to ask me anything about it). There’s a lot of demand for such work so getting a job after building up a portfolio and getting a certificate/diploma isnt too hard.