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What worked for me to get back in the workforce was small, gradual steps, luck, and going along with my counselors who saw something in me that I wasn’t aware of myself and they recommended various positions for me until I got a job in the community. My jobs since 1983 after I got out of an 8 month stay in a locked psychiatric hospital have been mostly unskilled labor jobs or entry level positions. But these jobs have kept me eating good, wearing nice new clothes, gas in my car, and LOTS of CD’s! I have worked in numerous department stores, a few restaurants, warehouses, and as a Park Ranger.The Park Ranger job was funny. To get that job all I did was answer and classified ad in a newspaper. I needed no experience to get that job. They trained me. But anyway, a good route to go, if you’re ready is employment agencies that cater specifically to disabled people. I’ve used some of these here in California. The positive side is they find employers who hire disabled people.You don’t necessarily have to tell then your diagnosis. All the employment agencies and the employers know is that you have some disability but you don’t have to tell them what it is. My diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia by the way. But I got hired on a crew to do labor and t all my co-workers were disabled.I worked along side these guys for three years and I didn’t know what their disabilities were. But yeah, employment agencies are also great because they are in touch with many employers in the community. THEY find the job openings for you, instead of you having to drive all over or take the bus looking for places that are hiring.


Yeah, vocational rehabilitation is one of those services should be available in most states. They basically line everything out with you and then set you up with an employment agency. I cant really work right now though I found out the hard way. Im going to spend the next few years meditating to try and reverse this cognitive mess that is my mental experience. But that is all good info thanks nick.


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