The nausea is back

The nausea I feel when I’m stressed is back, but I don’t feel like I’m all that stressed.
All I know is when I eat, I feel the need to throw up halfway through the meal. Finishing the meal becomes a struggle.

How do I get rid of the nausea? How do I stop myself from gagging halfway through a meal?

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Gravol or pepto bismol

I can’t afford medicines right now, only the ones I have a prescription for as I get a discount with a prescription

Tea helps sometimes

That’s a good idea, and the episode I’m watching just finished. Now would be a great time to make tea :smiley:

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Worrisome. While it may be something less serious, that is a typical symptom of a peptic ulcer. You need testing for this. Other possibilities include pancreatitis (which can be even more serious), gastritis, or non-ulcer dyspepsia. I would recommend smaller portions, more frequently throughout the day, lower the carbohydrate intake, intake of spicy foods and caffeine.

Two areas to look at are the stomach and gallbladder. Fatty foods stimulate the gallbladder which can cause pain or nausea. If you eat fatty foods (or anything, for that matter), the gallbladder produces bile which might be squeezing against stones, causing the nausea. Gastritis can cause nausea after eating also but is related more to gastric distention. Try a liquid antacid and see if this helps. You may need a sonogram of the abdomen.

Allergy to certain foods can also be problem. Pregnant women, especially those in their first and last trimester of pregnancy, may feel nausea during meals. Of course flu and gastroenteritis can be factors. Allergies are not contagious but food poisoning is, so check if the people you ate with are also ill. If they are then probably food poisoning. The key to treatment is to remain hydrated. 100 cc/kg/24 hr for 1st 10 kg, 50 cc/kg/24 hr for next 10 kg, and then 20 cc/kg/24 hr thereafter. Then monitor the various parameters and adjust appropriately.

Have your primary doctor evaluate this, though a GI specialist might need to get involved.

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