The McDonald's quarter pounder burger

I got 2 today.

I had 1 for lunch, and I’m saving the second one for dinner.

I just ordered the burgers by themselves, no fries or drinks.

This is Montezuma’s public service announcement of the day.

Please, carry on.

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There is an odd amount of information on reheating a quarter pounder,


Quarter pounders are freaking delicious,

Haven’t had one in a long time, I don’t even have a McDonalds close…



I ate an In-n-Out cheese burger with fries. :blush:


:open_mouth: My goodness that sounds good!

Everyone is eating burgers today.

I knew I was the axis of the universe! :stuck_out_tongue:



Someone run to the burger store and get me a Burger !!!


LOL :smile:

Running as fast as I can to @Mountainman

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Dem meat burgers is good wit French fry pataters. UhhHmmm!


I saw a sign that said McRib was back. Haven’t gone to get one yet. Maybe will tonight.


I occasionally will get a double quarter pounder with cheese (no onions, no mustard). Really, though, my favorite fast food is Taco Bell, followed by Subway and Arby’s. :slightly_smiling_face: Usually at McDonald’s I just get a four-piece McNuggets with bbq sauce and medium fries.

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@freakonaleash Taco Bell is probably my favorite out of all fast food.

@TomCat Sounds like a good plan. The McRib is delicious!

@ThePickinSkunk LOL. Yes, them pataters are good :smiley:

My favorite fast food place is Wendy’s.
Love their bacon double cheese burgers!

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Oh God, those bacon burgers are good!

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Ya I went and had the McRib. Tried the new chicken tenders too. They were very big and good. Real breast meat.

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Holy Gods!

I want McDonalds so bad now!

I live like an hour away from the “Garlic Capitol of the World”, so all the McDonald’s around here offer these:


They’re straight up ■■■■■■■■■ magical.


Homer Simpson drooling

Those look so good!!

@anon54386108 I took your advice and I’m working on a screenplay about a paranormal radio show and some psychics/seer type people that are hiding out from society.

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I’m super excited for you!

Great premise,

And its smart writing about a subject you’re knowledgeable and comfortable with,

Sounds like a no-brainier, but you’d be surprised.

This could really be your thing! People being in hiding is perfect because you have the inside track on being paranoid and would be able to express that well.

Very cool!

I should be writing more, I got pretty hardcore into my “non-sentient goons” stories and kind of lost track of everything else.

Who knows? Those stories could be my true calling.

Can’t wait to hear about your progress, I feel like you know I’m going to ask…


Also, the Gilroy Garlic Fries are equally as good as you’re imagining,

If I lived near a McDonalds I’d be so fat right now.

Thank gods their seasonal.


Thank you!! :blush:

I just got through writing the ending scene and the first few pages hehe! :smiley:

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I always eat off the value menu when I go to McDonalds. They have a good value menu. Those McChicken sandwiches are good. I like them better than the quarter pounders.

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Yes, the dollar menu is awesome.

I usually get the cheap, 1 dollar cheeseburgers off that. :slight_smile:

I kinda forgot all about the McChicken.

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