The Matrix movie does not affect me, surprisingly

I’ve always found it weird that the Matrix movies don’t trigger my psychosis, especially as a lot my delusions centre around being in an artificial environment with fake people and my family being imposters, etc. I used to like the movies but they are just boring to me now.

However, I started watching Bill and Ted Face the Music last week and I just loved it, but I had to turn it off about a third of the way through because it really started messing with my head and making me ill. I find that a real shame because I was enjoying it so much, and I had originally planned to continue watching it at a later date, but today I decided that going back to it wouldn’t be a good idea and I decided to get rid of the bluray.

Also, I loved reading the Gwenpool comic but then I got to about issue 15 and it had all this reality warping stuff in it and I started getting ill again, so I can’t read any more of that either, which is a real shame because I think it is now my favourite comic.

Just wanted to share my experiences and see if anyone related…


When I watched lord of the rings, well Gollums schizophrenia affected me. I had trouble watching it.

I am not bothered by Truman show or matrix. I don’t know why?

Religious stuff affects me negatively.

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I haven’t seen lord of the rings but i have seen clips of gollum but never realised he had schizophrenia, but i can see it now.

I have had trueman show type delusions, but i have never been affected by the film itself either.

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I like the matrix

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