TV and film that have impacted you and your mental illness

I don’t know if this is common, but TV and film have greatly impacted my illness.

I’ve had symptoms all my life and when the HBO show Oz started I was immediately obsessed.

At twelve.

Shouldn’t have been watching it, but I snuck to a neighbors house and watched every week.

It ended in 2003, spoilers, mostly everyone died.

I had my first real psychotic real episode that year in college.

It sounds dumb, but I couldn’t handle the loss, it was tragic.

Also, one of the few films I was allowed to watch as a kid was “Conan the Destroyer”,

I still see and hear Grace Jones all the time.

It’s strange how these influences have made a significant impression on my mental health.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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Truman show and matrix.
All my life’s most difficult delusions to cure


Seems like those two films in particular messed up a lot of people.

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Yes, they make me have distorted views of reality.
Also movies about aliens.

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