The lonliness of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia can be very lonely when people don’t understand your suffering or think you are okay when you are not okay. It’s an invisible illness sometimes you can put makeup on and wear nice clothes and look okay but inside you can not be okay that is what is confusing to the people in my life I look okay so they think I am okay, that is when I feel lonley. I also feel lonley when I distance myself from friends and family because I don’t feel well. That is a lonley place to be.


I sometimes wish I had a friend (or group of friends) that had the exact same symptoms as me. People don’t realize how different it is to think the way I do… Its tough and really really tough holding it all in and not being able to socialize and converse about what I would REALLY to talk about. Instead of Ignoring it.


But I definitely know how lonely you feel. And I’m sorry… Since I found this site and the forums I’ve felt a little better… Its awesome being able to be open about things and to get feedback from such great people.

I’m always here if you need a friend! :blush:


Thank god for this forum…I met a lot of cool people and you can be as crazy as you are never feel alone…children of the moon should gather and discuss moon things together…


Some of the things we deal with inside our heads are downright embarrassing and strange and weird I guess that is what counsellors are for


That’s why I found this forum in the first place. I thought maybe it would be good to have somebody I can relate with.


sz is very lonely - no one understands sz better than an sz or similar…the forum is a great place unless you are trying to fill your day here then it can be lonely. And sometimes you feel like even here no one notices you or that you make no difference to anyone. But I keep posting just the same.


I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, and I am surrounded with about 35 other sz’s. It doesn’t solve all my problems, but it is better than living among the so called normies. My whole life is pretty much schizophrenics.


here is a website that helps find in-home care for those with mental illness. You can also search for assisted living in your area as well.

does the assisted living have like a structured environment with activties, set time to eat…?

It has some structure, but not too much. We go to day treatment from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. We usually have one group therapy session at day treatment, and then we are left to wonder about the clubhouse doing what we please. We do eat lunch pretty much at the same time every day. We also get little snacks for what they call a breakfast. (They do feed most of us before we go to the clubhouse.) They also pass out one pack of cigarettes a day to the people who smoke. Once a week we go to town to shop for what we need. They have internet computers at the clubhouse that we can get on. It helps pass the time, especially in the afternoon hours when time seems to crawl by.

what is the day treatment? what do you do there?
I am asking because I am looking at future possibilities for myself after my parents pass. I have to prepare.

It’s where we go to a building called “the clubhouse” and socialize and pass the time for about six and a half hours. It gives us some structure during the day, but not too much, which I think is good.


thank you. I don’t think we have anything like that near me. We have ‘group homes’ but they only have like 6 ppl sharing a remodeled 4br home and not in good neighborhoods either - high crime areas.

At least in the assisted living centers in Oklahoma day treatment is mandated by the state. The quality of the day treatment can vary from place to place. There was one assisted living center that I stayed at only one afternoon that stayed in day treatment until 4:00 pm. It was by far the most structured day treatment in any assisted living center I’ve been to.

@crimby. Do you sometimes wish you could get away from that and be with " normies"?

If it’s any consolation, people without schizophrenia can’t imagine what it’s like because the way our brains work is too alien from the way theirs work. A lot of them actually do want to understand, but just can’t. If we were to be cured somehow, we eventually wouldn’t understand it either because our brain configurations changed.


Not really. I’m really tense around people. At least when I am among sz’s they know what the deal is.

@crimby Do you get to have visitors such as family or friends?

I prefer to be around people who are equally screwed up as well. Normies don’t get it because they can’t hear it and they are not experiencing the full effects of being a defect of society.