The link between schizophrenia and hypothyroidism: a population-based study -

Are you hypothyroid? I am off the charts I’m on the largest dose they make. Just curious


i am
on a very low dose currently

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They thought i had hyper but it was a weird mystery and then i went crazy and everything but i dont believe i ever became hypo although maybe i am but well first of all i dont even know what thyroid symtpoms are haha so nevermind. But they always want to test it though

I was hyperthyroid until they removed mine

I swear i used to have lupus i was convinced and i had the red butterfly face thing and to this day i think somehow it went away i was also cold and felt feverish although i didnt test my temperature well basically that is how the hyperthyroid suspicion came about. The doctor didnt mention lupus it was me although i might have been right about the diagnosis like i said it was a medical mystery.

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Well if i lived in a village of lupus sufferers i think they would have believed me based on the butterfly mark. I dont think they would have suspected that i didnt belong in the village

Alot of illness or sensations or qll kinds of things do go away overtime. Doctors know that too. Its an unsolved voodoo universe gift that sometimes people are given. It defys science although its mostly rare but somewhat common.

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