The slowest day of the month...the day before payday

we usually don’t have money from about the 22nd of each month and then we just live on the food we already bought until payday…it’s hard on us but it’s doable. anyways…this is the day before the last day before payday and I am depressed. Angie is going to get disability soon I think though so we will be a lot better off then.


I’ve been struggling too. Haven’t had money since about the 22nd either. My mom gave me $20 and my dad gave me $20 and I’ve been finding creative ways to survive.

Now I don’t think I get my check till the 3rd.

$200 extra of my disability comes out every month towards credit card bills I’m trying to pay off rather than normal so it’s been particularly tight for me. :ok_hand:

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i am just sick of being poor…I am thinking of getting a job at Arby’s but I don’t think my back could stand all day at a grill or sandwich place. I’m dreaming I guess…I’m just too sick to work.

The disability system is designed to merely allow you to survive so financially you won’t be better off. If Angie has a medical problem that needs to be covered that will be a good thing but don’t expect to be rich.

I understand the business of your back problems. My body can’t handle just standing there in place for a long time either and I don’t want a physical disability on top of a mental disability.

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I’m slowly waiting on tomorrow so I can give my parents rent and buy some food. Haven’t had a good meal in 2 days.

I am supposed to get paid tomorrow but my bank gives me my direct deposits a day early so I got paid today. I get paid tomorrow too for work. Every other Friday.

I’m broke too chewy. I don’t get my SSDI until the 3rd. I live off soup from wal mart


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