The Key to Weight Loss Is Diet Quality, Not Quantity, a New Study Finds

Who knows …

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Everybody is different


Eat quality foods will prevent crazing to some degree. Food like fruit and vegggies will give you the nutrients the body needs to prevent those cravings and protein is satieting.

Then once in a while can add some junk in moderation.

If it fits your macros is the best diet approach but takes a bit of work


When it comes to weight loss there is virtually a new theory a day. There is having an idea of what constitutes a healthy diet ie more fruit and veg and less processed food but there’s having the deep pockets, motivation and skills to put it into practice.
I struggle with the motivation and skills to create a healthy eating plan and to some degree financing a healthy diet( it’s the old junk is cheap scenario) .

Of course if I won the lottery I’d hire a chef come nutritionist to prepare me nutritious and tasty food.


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