The irony of sleeping meds

i am taking doxylamine succinate for sleep, my wife was talking to her friend on the phone, they said rather startled …
"don’t take that , some of the side effects are hallucinations and psychosis ! '.
in my head i’m thinking cool i get to see more stuff !
she doen’t know i’m a sz.
i thought you all might enjoy the irony !
take care


The biggest irony for me was being woken up in hospital to take sleeping pills?


that is actually funny, not for poor you being woken up , don’t you love medical staff !
take care

I so never want to be stuck in a (physical) hospital while I’m sick!

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Yeah i remember that happening to me

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One of the nurses refused to give me sleeping pills. He said go back, close your eyes and you’ll fall asleep. I was up two nights and days in a row. Then he got off his night shift and the next nurse gave me sleeping pills.

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Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative in the same night :smile: Sorry I’m being silly.


they gave me zopiclone when i was in hospital and i started seeing the walls “breathing” for want of a better word…horrible drug. never again!


I’m so glad you are finally getting more sleep. But I’m getting a smile out of what your wife’s friend said.

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I had to be careful concerning which sleeping pills that I would use.

Some would knock down ALL of my defenses thus leaving my in a horrible horrible situation.

So I stuck to using SleepMD. It not only set me asleep but calmed me down perfectly.

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i take quetiapine when i need to sleep. it knocks me out completely but also makes me eat so i have to use it sparingly which means quite a few nights being awake all night. my body clock is ■■■■■■ to put it mildly…but somehow, i always manage to get max up for school on time. that’s another reason i’m scared of trying clozapine as i have a responsibility to my son to get him up for school and i can’t afford to b a zombie!

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Hi jayne. I am the same. Quetiapine even at 25mg works a charm for sleep. Problem is feeling drowsy when waking up and as u said eating. Zopiclone was one of my fav drugs back in the day because its the strongest thing out there. But when I overtook it…basically overdosing…I would sleep walk etc…going into town to burger king and coming home and waking up with no knowledge of it. It can do bad things.

yeah i sleep walk to even when i don’t take quetiapine. i don’t know how often i do it but i know that if i think i’ve slept all night then it’s almost guarenteed that i’ve slept walked and done something stupid during the night. i think that’s y i never feel rested, because i’m up half the night doing stupid ■■■■ i don’t know about. xxx

I need to sleep! I asked for a sleep aide. I am taking extra Klonopin for it, but it is useless for sleep. When I was on Seroquel XR I slept pretty good, but had to stop because of thyroid levels being messed up and blood sugar levels.
I need something potent yet gentle on the body, if this is possible.

what i have mentioned above works for me, and i have been only taking half a tablet ( i cut them in half ) i am actually sleeping !
take care