The invisible sword II

So far my aliens uses multiple voices to talk to me. All I can hear it saying which could sound scary. Is to kill my self.

I was freestyling to it earlier.
It caught its attention. So one of the girls love me.
I was like happy. But. Idk.

So this artificial intelligence program or super computer by an alien or gov was Hi jacked so the people in it got controlled by a program who takes the appearance of a demon. (Like things can’t get worse.) So this kind of situation where creations go horribly wrong. And a computer thinks its demonic.

Now we must face this demon toy. Or … doll.?


  1. Get a copy of this book and read it. Have your family read it, too.

  2. If you need a professional intervention, tell me where you live, and I will get back to you with leads to those services.

  3. Get properly diagnosed by a board-certified psychopharmacologist who specializes in the psychotic disorders. One can find them at…

  4. Work with that p-doc to develop a medication formula that stabilizes your symptoms sufficiently so that you can tackle to the psychotherapy that will disentangle your thinking from reality effectively. The best of the therapies for that currently include…
    DBT –
    MBSR –
    ACT –
    MBBT –
    10 StEP –

  5. the even newer somatic psychotherapies like…
    SEPT –
    SMPT –

  6. or standard CBTs, like…
    REBT –
    Schematherapy –
    Learned Optimism –
    Standard CBT –

i had demons telling me to kill mrs.sith :woman: for 15 years or so…i gave them the finger.
you know the difference between good and bad…we all do :imp:
if your best friend tells you to jump off a cliff …do you do it ?
of course not…
you are a smart person… :trophy:
with a mental illness.
koala :koala: hug.
take care :alien:.