The importance of knowing the law

If you understand the laws that govern our different societies then u can fully understand your rights as a human. For example there is a big difference between a DUI in the US and Japan. We treat the law differently depending on the culture but understanding our governing laws can help us make better decisions so we don’t get into trouble. If we understand the law we can fight the system we are in to better help people who struggle with us. Maybe change how a 72 hour hold works or how psychiatrists interact with us. If you find something unjust use your knowledge to change it. Sorry a lot of rambling my Dad had his law degree and he always taught me that understanding law is important


I feel like the law works as a gatekeeper in US society, and since it can be so expensive to access it, disadvantaged populations can be cut off from their full rights and opportunities. I want to be able to work as an advocate for people - help them negotiate and take advantage of the protections and rights they’re supposed to have.


It’s a shame when people have to rely on charity to have their rights protected. But this is a problem in Europe, too, only less so. When the law becomes more complicated and court cases become longer, the costs go up, and decisions that were meant to protect someone’s rights can end up hurting them instead. I’m generally pretty skeptical of all new laws because of this.


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