Laws are stupid

You don’t need laws to continue doing this, laws based on the continuance of this horrible thing are insanity.

You need laws used to escape this place, which is your pain and death.

I don’t think anyone should ever be forced to do this, to go through this life/death.

I used to think laws were good and useful, that they were to help, but they aren’t, you’d have to have a reason to do this first for their to be good and sane laws, but all that most do is suffer for no reason and then die is a horrible fashion.

We don’t need laws, we need out, perhaps the only law should be don’t put anyone else here and just live in peace until you are gone.

There, the only laws anyone needs, don’t put anyone here anymore and just live out your lives without harming anyone.

Just look at your lives.

I don’t think laws are all stupid, but if there is one that tops the stupidity list its what they expect from learner drivers trying to get their driver’s license. I mean, who uses a handbrake at a stop street???

certainly not ALL laws are stupid I mean there needs to SOME regulations and the keeping of social order and what not and this is coming from someone who doesn’t give a damn what you’re doing as long as you’re not actually harming anyone.

By the way pansdisease, you always remind me of this organization that used to exist (I forget the name) back when I was in my teens that was against human reproduction…I wish I remembered the name.