The "I'm dead" thought

I didn’t realize I was carrying it around with me; What a load.


It used to bother me waking up to complete darkness. I’d wonder if I had woke up dead. It would make me panic for a moment until I realized it wasn’t true.

Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over…

is the song relative solution for that erraneous thought process

Yes, I know that song. The problem was, with me, they did win - the wall builders. Maybe only temporarily is my only hope.

its an epiphany to realize

Hey I’ve been there. I thought I was dead for years just because of all that changed. I imagined I was in Purgatory.

I’ve also had this. Voices telling me I had indeed been posioned and I believe I was dead. In the middle of the night also with not a soul around to do reality check. Very frightening.

I thought I was dead too once. Glad those days are over.

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