The idea of sex always made me nervous

It was just too challenging for me to consider seriously. I could only work when I was celibate and did not have to deal with it.


I think sex makes everyone feel awkward and especially nervous.
You’re definitely not alone.


You can’t have sex without sex drive

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They make antipsychotic and antidepressants
Yet they cannot come up with a pill to make you want sex alot

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When I was young, sex came easily to me. When I started on AP’s and AD’s, it became next to impossible but I kept trying anyway and I hated it. Now that I’m older and wiser, I just quit.


Better to have had sex than never to have sex at all then again you can’t miss what you never had
On these medication I just don’t care about sex

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The stimulant I take does increase my sex drive, it has the nickname “sexedrine” for people that take it recreationally.

The idea of no sex makes me worry a lot more.

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I didn’t know you are sexually active. You never speak of a partner.

I didn’t say that.

Actually, Wellbutrin might do that to you.

ok I think I am treading on sensitive ground so I will choose to be still.

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Sex is overrated. Unless it’s with someone that’s special to you.


I don’t know about that so much because I got caught (molested) by surprise by a stranger and it was very sensational but definitely not personal.

I’d rather not deal with sex. It makes me more paranoid and it causes alot of issues. Sometimes I want it but more often I dont. If I think about it I think of all the consequences that comes with it as far as my paranoia goes and that usually stops me from even attempting to do anything at all.


I never hide the fact that I haven’t had sex for a while. The interest is still here but I haven’t taken action. Everybody knows I joke about it.

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The idea of sex makes me ill. So glad it’s over and done