The Huge Knocker's Thread


Door Knockers that is…

C’mon folks! Get your mind out of the gutter!


There’s no scale how do we know thatthey are huge

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right, they could be itty bitty knockers


Sorry, Mr. Sherlock Holmes of Door Knockers!

I couldn’t fool you! :wink:


I used to have big knockers,

Now I’ve got small knockers,

Cost 10k.

Nice knockers are expensive.


So we resorted to that, jokes from the 1600’s?

OK, how’s this?

Grunk, the Cro-magnon man to
his pal Unk: Man, did you see the bazookas on that neanderthal chick? I wouldn’t kick her out of the frond mat for eating crackers."

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IDK, I’d like to see women get surgery to look like the chick in the bar in Total Recall.

I think multiple breasts should be the next trend in plastic surgery.

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I have a hard enough time finding shirts that fit me now. I can’t even imagine if I had three of these things.

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I could also use some breast reduction.


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Pierced nipples as well.

Risperdal is good for giving anyone big breasts lmao

Just get a t-shirt that says, “Three breasts, no waiting.”


You’d also have to change your name to Eccentrica Gallumbits.

But it’s the only place my mind feels comfortable.

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