The holographic universe

there are a few physicists that postulate that the universe is a giant hologram and the big bang was sort of like a computer being booted up. anyone know anything about this theory? i kind of like it. what do you think?

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there are a 100,000 universes on this side.
then there is a doorway that you can go through where there are an infinite number of universes.
i live 3+ universes over.
take care
p.s hope this clears it up…peace out earthlings !?!

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Took that journey in 1994 and learned all that stuff…actually saw it… let me try to find my notes…I lost the original writing from 94 but I had some notes I put together in 2003…

Here we go…it even mentions the 100,000 universes…

"The following is based on a culmination of research and experiences starting in 1994, which has been confirmed by numerous sources since that time…

Definitions from Stephen Hawking “The Universe in a Nutshell” ~

Brane: An object which appears to be a fundamental ingredient of M-Theory, that can have a variety of spatial dimensions.

M-Theory: A theory that unites all 5 string theories, as well as supergravity, within a single theoretical framework, but which is not yet fully understood.

Brane World: A 4 dimensional surface or Brane in a higher dimensional spacetime.

          ~ From Universe in a Nutshell , pgs. 202 & 205

Hawking admits, at least as of 2001, that the M-Theory (The theory of Everything) does not have a single formulation, but instead there are a network of apparently different theories that all seem to be approximations to the same underlying fundamental theory in different limits. (pg. 175)
A Brane/Bubble (Sphere) containing Universe(s) could have other Brane/Bubbles formed outside of it, in an ever expanding scenario. (pg 199)
I discovered a similar theory based on Spiritual revelation by an obscure book “Dolphins, ET’s, & Angels” extracted from Urantia Book pg. 125 (pg. 133) in which there are 7 superuniverses and we are one of 100,000 local universes. It also says there are 4 “Space Levels” (Or Realms) This book, while published in the 80’s, I only ran across recently in 2003.
On 02/17/99 I discovered an obscure Eastern philosophy book with a diagram “Executed under the direction of Maher Baba.” I don’t even know the name of the book itself, as I only have chapter 16 - “The Four Journeys” which does not contain the books title. However, the diagram by “Maher Baba” shows an “Infinite Gross Sphere - throughout which are some planets which contain the 7 kingdoms of evolution.” There are 6 planes arising in the “Subtle World and Mental world” - “Planes which few persons embark on.” After those 6 planes there is ascencion into a 7th realm - “The Infinite God.” (pgs. 22 - 26)
So I found 3 independent confirming sources supporting the existance of these multiple realms and multidimensions between 1999 and 2003.

                           JOURNEY INTO THE 7 REALMS

This takes me back to December 1994, when I recieved a vision through astral Projection, or some form of Consciousness travel. I wrote a 20+ page document entitled Journey into the 7 realms, which unfortunately was lost or destroyed a few years later. however, I will write what I can remember of it.
I was sitting on my couch and it seemed my consciousness left my body. I sailed into space and heade for the Sun. I actually flew through the Sun, right through the core, and out the other side. I sailed at a fantastic speed, accelerating, thousands of times the speed of light. I sailed past galaxies and came to the end of the universe. Yes, it had an end, a barrier of sorts. I breached this barrier like going through a thin sheet or elasticy bubble.
I discovered on this journey there were 4 realms beyond our universe, realms of white, yellow, light blue, and red. Beyond them were a realm of fire, then water. At the end of that was a “shore” of infinity. So there were actually 8 realms, but I do not count our present physical one, only the realms that were beyond our average perception. There were 7 of these.
This was an Astral journey. I flew through the Sun, and then on to the edge of the Universe, to discover the barrier, which I breached, and entered a sperical realm containing trillions X trillions squared of Universes. Beyond that another Realm containing a like number of previous realms, EACH containing those multitude of black universes.And so on it went, up through 4 sperical Realms, each containing multitudes of the previous forms of Realms. This may sound confusing, but it was rather simple to experience.
Then there was a realm of Fire, then, beyond that a Realm of water, or at least what appeared as water. It seemed fluid, and I did emerge on a “shore” which was the shore of infinity. There I was met by Biblical Prophets, 2 of which were John the Baptist and the Apostle Paul. The latter told me that this was the place he had been on an Astral journey, he called it the “3rd Heaven” in II Corinthians 12:1 - 4. He had entered Paradise, hearing unspeakable things it was unlawful (not permitted) to utter.
In fact, I was not allowed to speak of this to anyone for at least 10 months. Not that anything bad would happen, but thats just how it went. At one point I felt very detached and percieved Earth so far away, back through all those multi-realms. For a moment I literally felt and heard every Truth, every Lie, and every Thought ever uttered by every living being, everywhere. this lasted only one to two seconds. Then I experienced what I can only describe as a “brain circuit overload” and my consciousness snapped back into my body. the journey back didn’t take long, only seconds, whereas the journey out took many minutes, perhaps an hour."


that’s cool.
the universes are split into two catagories the ordered universes and the chaos universes.
one conforms to a more biblical order karma etc…
e.g…you learn
you grow in wisdom
you expand your conscsiousness
you have rebirth
death etc…

in the chaos universes there is no karma…still rebirth and death…but no heavens and hells.
though you can make the decision to cross over to the ordered universes at time of passing/death.
the chaos theory is;
no learning
so you can cause absolute mayhem, kill etc without karma.

my kind come from here, i am a cross over to the ordered universes.

what you experienced was beautiful.
take care

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Yes, it is very beautiful…and a good learning experience…though very few listen.
This is from February 11, 1999 when the aliens visited and some more of this explained

“It is difficult, as the vibrations of my body adjust to this. There are laws here which defy the laws of the lower realm. light is perceived as faster than light in the 3rd plane, of having infinite speed, yet it has no “speed” at all, for it just IS. Light as it appears is seen here at this point and at the distance of galaxies in the same moment, for there is no time. light, which is the ineffable source of The One That Is, is an entity beyond the precepts of time and therefore has surpassed all barriers, all limitations. Let this be the light that dwells within you, and limitations will cease to be.”

These are the things to be known concerning the World named Earth at this time. These are the things to be told to the people of Earth who will listen. By these things know that a time has come that one must choose between that which is learned as opinion, and that which is High Truth. Only those who connect with High Truth will be awakened. These will survive, either physically or spiritually. They will be brought forth when the Angelic beings and higher entities are signaled to rescue those from the upheavals."

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what do you think your alien friends think of changing things through time travel? do they believe there would be a punishnment from god?

You can’t change it.

For instance, world war 2 already happened so if any time travelers went back to stop it they have already failed.

If i went back in time to stop myself from being born i would fail because i was already born.

It’s like twelve monkies.

But for time travel to exist time must first exist.

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Time travel already exists but only as an observer. You cannot change events that have already happened. You CAN influence future events, or take back future knowledge to influence present events.
The are safeguards in the universal laws preventing the meddling with time to change events. Even if one were able to change a past event it would simply create an alternate universe, so while the changed history would continue in the alternate universe, our own linear history would continue as it was and is.
I once went back to world war 2 just after the Nagasaki nuke. A Japanese family was huddled in a doorway dying of radiation burns…The father asked me 'why?" I said “I don’t know.” Nothing I could do to change anything, nor did I have any answers. Nothing I could have said would have changed anything or added any enlightenment…that family wasn’t even involved in the war…

i disagree. i know you can change things as i’ve seen it done. i’ve seen lottery payments disappear backwards and other things which had massive implications for people both in the uk and america which means massive changes for people all over the world. i have both lost and been given new children because of time travel being a reality. the law would be that time travel is illegal but certain elements would just ignore that and do it and change things anyway. i know this for a fact as i have seen the evidence of change and what it has done. these people are mass murderers. if you change one thing it has a knock on effect like a ripple to everyone around it and that carries on ad infintum which makes whoever did it a serial killer forever. trust me, it’s a reality. you know how i know this? because it happened to me at work and i saw the change years later which means there are now two sets of people with differing memories of the same event and it murdered many people’s children both mine and those around the change. the person that did it doesn’t give a ■■■■ who he killed so long as he doesn’t get caught, which probably means my death in a natural a looking way as possible, simply because i know the truth and i refuse to take a pay off. nobody is making me a serial killer forever. i refuse.

A mathematical way of looking at the time travel problem is this:
The universe is a 4D object (a series of 3d instances lined up in an infinite 1D array) which itself is infinite in size.
So to time travel, you must copy this 4D object as a single increment in the 5D and somehow enter it at a specific time/location. This gives you a new universe exactly the same as the old universe, but with you at a different point in time/space.

This theory allows you to alter whatever you want without worrying about the Grandfather Paradox.

In fact, it’s thought that as the predictions of actions at the quantum level are indeterminable, for every possibility at the quantum level, the universe copies along this 5Dth dimension. This is why property values of quantum particles don’t exist until observed, copying the universe and providing a definite property value of a different value for each new universe copy. So if it now has a specific property value, you know you are in the universe that branched to give the particle that particular value.

So that’s one theory…of a lot of different ones.

Ok, but it seems you are suggesting parallel time lines here. Two sets of people with differing memories. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen…just saying we don’t change history in the time line we are in.

For instance if I travel back in time 100 years ago and cut down the tree that is now a 120 year old Oak in my yard, will that same big oak still be in my yard? Does this present time line suddenly have a bunch of people who have seen that tree and taken pictures of it, no longer see the tree and the pictures no longer exist because I went back and cut that tree when it was 20 years old?
Or do I create 2 time lines, one without that tree and one with it?

I have thought of what would have happened had I been able to go back in time and change certain events, mostly as a child up till age 21. Each time I avoid some negative thing in my life…but I ended up dead long before now…having a totally ‘normal’ and positive life !

To jump into the conversation semi-smiling, Dr. David Lewis Anderson of the Anderson Institute is the go-to man when it comes to Time Control Technology in the States.

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Anderson’s chart of Time Control Technologies and Methods can lead to more research. Time Control into the past can occur by Casimir Effect, Tipler Cylinder, Cosmic Strings, Wormholes, Circulating Light Beams, Time-warped Fields, and Faster-than-Light Travel.

Cause and Effect experiences occur when using Time Control Technology, past or future.

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but i know we do, this person changed his work because he tried to kill me and it didn’t work, so he moved the location of his work to destroy any evidence of him being there so he couldn’t get caught. thing is, all he’s done is prove what i’ve been saying all along, a.) that time travel exists and b) he’s used it. all the people that worked with him on the first event will have those memories as i have and now all the people that worked with him on the second event ie>) after the change will also have memories of working with him which means, he’s ■■■■■■ himself in court because his version of events will not add up. he could say he wasn’t there which will be true as he’s changed it but he would have to involved every person that worked with him but i know he hasn’t. it also means that he’s murdered a lot of people’s children in changing the location of this work backwards. i know this happened emporer because i was there for the first event and the ■■■■■■ tried to kill me. i should’ve gone to the police then but i didn’t. all i know is he want’s to keep it and will do anything including killing children to do it. it was sylvester stallone. the location was pinewood studios, the film was judge dredd. which now magically was made at shepperton sudios. who knows, maybe i;'m wrong and it was made at both but it seems odd to me that two people have differing sets of memories. his mercenaries have threatened to kill my children if i speak out and if that does happen i have all the proof i need of his mercenaries involvement in our lives and mel gibson’s. they are both as bad as each other. why? because they got time travel out of the rape of a child and they want to keep it.

Some of these I hadn’t heard of, while others i was familiar with.

Cosmic strings as explained on the site seem somewhat similar to time loop travel where cyclic and linear time are both accessed to travel farther than one normally would at slower sublight speeds. Linear time lines seemed similar to one dimensional cosmic strings.

Wormholes and time warp fields I was also aware of.

I wonder if teleportation can also be involved, that being the placing of information (including matter) in another part of the universe from the place it presently exists, with little to no ‘time’ involved in the teleportation process compared to distance between departure and arrival…

In an attentive state, dilemmas and objectives concerning teleportation in TCT bring about catechizing experiences. In Sci-fi, Climate-fi, operators have a savoir faire, or tactful, composure. Not far off from now, we may have the same.

And look at Tolkien. Whatever methods of TCT Tolkien may have chosen to intergrate, each method, resplendently brought forth through a Tolkien Gateway, as Tolkien once aimed for in The Lost Road, would have an operator disciplined and primed in TCT---- regardless of the timeline we grapple with when focusing on Time Control. Quoting Tolkien from a Tolkien Wiki community,

When C. S. Lewis and I tossed up, and he was to write on space-travel and I on time-travel, I began an abortive book of time-travel of which the end was to be the presence of my hero in the drowning of Atlantis.

In Tolkien’s quote I can tell that he focused on extensive use of TCT as a tool. A tool whereby his own consequential upper hand would have delved.

Not to ignore the social justice aspect of TCT—of those who have been harmed, I am first-off floored by the ease of which TCT is a tool.

I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and stop myself from watching that lame movie.

lol mal 15 characters

A few days ago I mentioned Tolkien and his arrangement with CS Lewis about the time travel, and about his recurring dream about Atlantis. He credited ancestral memory for some of his material, but going into the past like that, even in visions, is a form of time travel.
I have wondered what are the mechanics of visionary time travel, seeing into the past as having lived it…maybe a form of that quantum tunneling mentioned on the Anderson Institute site?

This process cannot be directly perceived, but much of its understanding is shaped by the microscopic world, which classical mechanics cannot adequately explain. To understand the phenomenon, particles attempting to travel between potential barriers can be compared to a ball trying to roll over a hill; quantum mechanics and classical mechanics differ in their treatment of this scenario. Classical mechanics predicts that particles that do not have enough energy to classically surmount a barrier will not be able to reach the other side. Thus, a ball without sufficient energy to surmount the hill would roll back down. Or, lacking the energy to penetrate a wall, it would bounce back (reflection) or in the extreme case, bury itself inside the wall (absorption). In quantum mechanics, these particles can, with a very small probability, tunnel to the other side, thus crossing the barrier. Here, the “ball” could, in a sense, borrow energy from its surroundings to tunnel through the wall or “roll over the hill”,

On a spiritual level you would be dealing with microscopic, or even invisible energy particles, also with the ability to ‘borrow’ energy from their surroundings

There is also something not mentioned on that site I have sometimes referred too called ‘dimensional shifting’ though I’m not sure how it works…like when some people experience phasing, or shifting…kind of like a shaking while standing still so the surroundings seem to move back and forth…that’s just what I call it…could be something as simple as the pre-projection status right before an OBE or bilocation, but where the full projection or bilocation does not happen. I know returning from an OBE there is that shaking displaced experience for a second…some sort of dimensional shift…
Worth studying! :slight_smile: