The hardest you’ve ever tripped

And fell and hurt yourself. What’s the hardest you’ve ever fallen?



I’ve got a couple more chambered lol


When i fell and broke both of my arms simultaneously as a kid. Fond memories.


Oh jebus. That’s intense. Had a pretty nasty spill on my bike when I was a kid. Nothing broke. Stitches though.


It was a tie between the Led Zeppelin concert and The Rolling Stones concert.

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Steep hill , pair of roller skates

recently…about eight months ago…fell and slammed my index finger into a wall…taking away my guitar playing for seven months…damn.

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I broke my leg ‘tripping’ over my opponent with football a while ago

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One time a couple of my friends and I were jumping out of a tree and catching this bag swing that another guy was on. This time I waited too long for the bag swing to come back, and when I got to the swing my legs caught the bag, but I missed grabbing the rope with my hands, so when the swing went back the other direction it jerked up my legs, and I fell off the swing, landing squarely on my head. I did not get hurt in any way, but when I think about it I realize I could have very easily broken my neck and become paralyzed from the neck down. The entire weight of my body had been caught by my neck. Kids do a lot of crazy stuff like that. It’s a wonder more of them don’t end up in the hospital.

I fell on a cobble stone as a kid and broke my nose. In the hospital they were asking me a lot of questions to be sure my dad hadn’t caused it.

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I fell down 7/8 steps in Rome last year when drunk, I just rolled and went with the flow and didn’t brake anything, it damn hurt though. Defiantly would of broken something if I was sober.

I fell off my bicycle and burst a disc in my back that required surgery to repair cuz the fluid in it was compressing my spinal nerves.

When I was skiing I went over a ski jump. I must have gained about 15 feet in the air. Maybe more. Did a face plant was wearing a helmet. Lucky I didn’t lose teeth.

Not too long ago my ex Labrador puppy dragged me to the ground on leash and she almost got away.
Shook me up pretty good!

I was taking a medication that made me lose my balance and I fell between the bathtub and the toilet. The toilet tank broke and started flooding the bathroom like a fountain. I got a giant bruise on my thigh. I didn’t break any bones, because I have strong bones. On the same medication making me dizzy I fell backwards on the patio and broke off a piece of the wooden gate.

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I fell in the bathroom one time, it was more of a slip than a trip

one time i tripped and on the way down my feet were suspended in the air from my boots being caught on what i was trying to step over and all my weight came down on one bent knee. even after i fully fell my feet never touched the ground, just straight kneecap

From my bike I tripped multiple times and got some fractures on my hand… all thanks to mind not steady…

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