Almost forgot. I tripped over the last tread on the stairs and

and I busted my knees. they are bruised and tender to the touch. no swelling thank God. anyways, it was very scary when I realized I was going to fall. I am very cautious usually but I wasn’t as smart as I usually was because I had a buzz…it won’t happen again. nasty stairs. I hate them. Angie got thrown down a flight of stairs by her boyfriend. he didn’t get in any trouble.

I fell on sidewalk ice last week. First time in years.

sorry man. falling scares the hell outta’ me.

I hope you iced the knees and they feel better today.

Sorry you fell.

I fall all the dang time. I think It’s because I’m not used to land… and gravity.

I am not having to be tender about my knees. they have one lump each with light bruising. I am just walking real careful so they will heal faster. thanks for your concern. sorry you fall too. I am too big a man to be falling. dangerous.

Very glad Angie does not have that type of boyfriend anymore.

Take Care


I went to the supermarket the other day and bent over to pick up some bottles of water - I slipped a bit and fell dropping the case of water bottles
It was nice, a couple of customers asked me if I was OK - It sure was embarrassing, but I was fine