Ever Slip And Fall?

I unloaded the truck today, was hauling old toilet enclosure walls, and when I stepped on one, it slid out of the way and took me with it. That hurt, will have nice size bruise cause of it. I must have looked stupid :sob::rofl:


Ever have a good fall in public?


Outch. :open_mouth:


Yeah several times. Once I missed a step on the sidewalk and fell. Another time I fell on the ice and could not get up.


I have fear of falling in parties while dressed up.

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My worst fall was on a scooter, similar to this one but I fall on asphalt because the front wheel got stuck in small crack on the ground:


Oh, yes I have. I’ve fallen off of a big snow bank right flat on my face in the middle of a busy, ice covered street. I was very lucky not to have gotten run over.

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I once fell down the stairs at church. I sprained my ankle very badly. Fortunately, the pastor’s daughter and husband were there and they’re medical people, so they helped. The church now has anti-slip covers on the stairs.


When I was delivering pizza I slipped on the stares. It had ice on it from winter weather.


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